7 of the best Virtual Assistant jobs from home

best virtual assistant jobs from home

7 of the best Virtual Assistant jobs from home

Today most businesses operate mostly online and are always in need of virtual staff to assist them with their day-to-day tasks. Virtual Assistants (VA’s) can handle tasks such as email management, blog management, graphic design and more.

The top 10 top tasks of a VA

The top 10 top tasks of a VA

  1. Proofreading
  2. Replying to comments and approving said comments
  3. Formatting social media posts
  4. Drafting new posts
  5. Drafting blog posts or researching for blogs
  6. Advertising
  7. Facebook and Twitter cover design
  8. Creating Instagram posts
  9. Facebook Advert design
  10. Social media management


Many small business owners just don’t have the time to do all these things.

What skills do you require to be a VA?

What skills do you require to be a VA?

VA’s are not required to have an advanced degree or a large amount of experience, but you will need softer skills like good communication and organisation as well as traits such as confidence, patience, honesty and professionalism.

The potential tasks for a VA are virtually limitless and you will be able to decide what tasks you do and don’t offer. You can also pick the tasks you are good at or love the most, making your VA job at home a pleasure.

The top skill a VA needs

  • Effective and efficient writing skills
  • Communication skills
  • Having confidence with the ability to stay calm under pressure
  • Knowing how to multitask and prioritize tasks
  • Working efficiently and with a sense of urgency

Perhaps you have already worked as a general admin assistant or PA? You would already know what it takes to provide the support efficiently, effectively and quickly. A VA’s role is no different apart from doing your work from home.

7 of the best VA jobs

Here are some of the most popular VA jobs you can do easily from home.

Social Media Assistant:

Virtual assistant jobs from home Social Media Assistant

Business owners, bloggers and brands don’t have the time to manage their social media accounts. A social media VA assists with keeping up their social media presence and reducing the time it would take to do so. You might be a good fit as a social media VA if you:

  • Can post, tweet, snap, pin and keep up to date with the best of them
  • Know what is trending before the trend comes out
  • Are familiar with Hootsuite, Buffer and Tailwind
  • Understand what it takes to generate social “buzz”

This VA function has exploded in the last couple of years and promises to keep growing as Social media is always forever expanding. As a social media VA, you would be the professional that assists businesses, brands and bloggers to attract new readers and grow their viewer base.

Blogger’s Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant jobs from home Blogger’s Virtual Assistant

A new blogger who is beginning to make their presence known online, is usually pressed for time and finds it difficult to keep up with creating and maintaining their blog or website. That’s where a VA blogger comes in. As a VA blogger assistant, you may be required to:

  • Post, edit and write blog content
  • Respond to emails
  • Edit and optimize content (removing and fixing broken links, adding affiliate links)
  • Help schedule social media content
  • Researching ideas and trends

If you have decided to become a blogger and are seeking experience, being a bloggers VA is a great way to learn some of the methods, tricks of the trade and get inside information that could potentially assist you when writing or starting your own blog.

Website management

Virtual assistant jobs from home Website management

Don’t let the idea of VA website management stress you out, you don’t need any coding experience. However, experience in WordPress or other Content management systems is a big plus. You can also provide blog or website management services which could include editing posts, replying to comments, updating links or general website maintenance.

Administrative support

Virtual assistant jobs from home Administrative support

These services are usually some of the easiest tasks that can be outsourced, although it does require some knowledge in customer services and a bit of patience. Virtual assistant tasks in this category include admin tasks from entering data, creating spreadsheets to time and or travel management.

Administrative support is also one of the best freelance opportunities.

Email Marketing

Virtual assistant jobs from home Email Marketing

This is one of the services that requires some specialized knowledge. Email marketing like website management and social media management requires an understanding of tasks such as the ability to set up auto responders, segment email lists and potentially design email templates using specific software.

However, tasks required by email marketing with the use of autoresponders can be straightforward and simple to learn.

Real Estate Assistant

Virtual assistant jobs from home Real Estate Assistant

Buying and selling property can be a very time consuming and strenuous task for most. That’s why buyers and sellers usually turn to realtors for help. Realtors take the task of securing property listings, help buyers secure their budget for the perfect property, take care of open house show casings and more.

That is a lot of work for one person which is why realtors often outsource their tasks so they can focus on their clients. Some of the responsibilities of a Real Estate VA could include:

  • Time and calendar management
  • Writing listing descriptions that attract buyers
  • Reach out to potential buyers and sellers
  • Schedule property listings
  • Marketing open houses

Perhaps you are interested in real estate or would like to gain some experience in the field? Becoming a real estate virtual assistant could be a great opportunity.

Ecommerce Assistant

Virtual assistant jobs from home Ecommerce Assistant

Ecommerce has exploded with many online retail stores popping up every day. With this comes the responsibility of keeping up and maintaining their virtual store front or online store.

Typically, these companies outsource tasks such as general customer service enquiries, inventory management, returns and any other tasks that would be required to assist the store owner with their online store.

As an Ecommerce VA you would be responsible for:

  • Responding to billing enquiries
  • Package tracking and returns
  • Help with the promotion of products and sales
  • Writing product and brand descriptions
  • Updating products on the website site

While an Ecommerce VA wouldn’t be handling physical products, you would be assisting with the everyday tasks and operations of an online store. This is a great opportunity to apply some of those real-world retail skills in a virtual environment.

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Companies that offer VA Jobs

Business owners are increasingly contracting companies for their VA services rather than hiring an individual person. Although you may still find some people looking for an individual, there is no reason why you could not sign up as a VA for these companies.

The only pitfall is your fee may be reduced as the company takes its cut of the fee. The upside is that you will be paid promptly and regularly and do not have to chase payment of your invoices.

Most of these companies do require a certain level of qualification, experience and are seeking a certain type of personality.

A list of some VA companies to watch

Look for your own VA job

Look for your own VA job Look for your own VA job

Perhaps you would like to seek your own Virtual Assistant job? There are no shortages of VA jobs out in the market – contracting with a VA company or getting hired as an employee is always not the first choice for everyone.

Which is why you might be interested in taking a course or learning from some of the best VA’s out there. 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success  is a perfect starting point to begin your VA career regardless of your experience.