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Kenya Stock Exchange

Sameer Africa

Sameer Africa (NSE: FIRE) Stocks Sameer Africa Plc is a Kenya-based company that is mainly

Homeboyz Entertainment stocks

Homeboyz Entertainment

Homeboyz Entertainment (NSE: HBE) Stocks Homeboyz Entertainment is an entertainment company offering tailored services in

Limuru Tea stocks

Limuru Tea

Limuru Tea (NSE: LIMT) Stocks Limuru Tea Plc is a Kenyan company, an out-grower to

Standard Group

Standard Group (NSE: SGL) Stocks Standard Group is a major Kenya-based publishing and broadcasting company

Sasini stocks


Sasini (NSE: SASN) Stocks Sasini is a Kenya-based company mainly engaged in the production, processing,

NCBA Group

NCBA Group (NSE: NCBA) Stocks NCBA Group Plc, through NBA Bank, offers a portfolio of

Nation Media Group stocks

Nation Media Group

Nation Media Group (NSE: NMG) Stocks Nation Media Group Plc is a Kenyan independent media

Longhorn Publishers stocks

Longhorn Publishers

Longhorn Publishers (NSE: LKL) Stocks Longhorn Publishers publishes and sells educational and general books and

Kenya Airways stocks

Kenya Airways

Kenya Airways (NSE: KQ) Stocks Kenya Airways Limited is a Kenya-based company that operates in

KCB Group stocks

KCB Group

KCB Group (NSE: KCB) Stocks KCB Group Plc is the parent company of KCB Bank

Kapchorua Tea Kenya

Kapchorua Tea Kenya

Kapchorua Tea Kenya (NSE: KAPC) Stocks Kapchorua Tea Kenya grows tea in Kenya and manufactures