The Best Sites to Sell Your Wedding Dress Online

The best sites to sell your wedding dress online

The Best Sites to Sell Your Wedding Dress Online

It is an emotional process finding that perfect wedding dress and once you do, having looked spectacular on your wedding day, what is next for your special item? You could sentimentally and somewhat hopefully, hang on to it in the hope that one of your children will one day wear it on their own special day. Or you could turn your unused dress into much needed cash.

Making money by selling your wedding dress online has never been easier due to the power of the Internet. We put together a few effortless ways you could sell your wedding dress online.



The best sites to sell your wedding dress online Poshmark

Poshmark is one of the first great options when you’re looking to sell your wedding dress. Poshmark is basically an app/website that assists you with selling your used clothes with the focus on designer brands. Many users say that the listings are easy and quick to create, allowing you to use a simple and free way to upload photos and create your listing super-fast.

You have many different options with custom filters and the app features a wide range and selection of wedding dresses. Potential buyers have the option of securely getting in touch and communicating with you, which keeps everything simple, all in one place.

Once your dress sells, you will be required to print a pre-addressed label and either drop it in a mailbox to be delivered or plan a scheduled free pick-up. You are required to pay a commission fee of 20% when you make a sale with Poshmark, there are no listing fee’s and the buyer pays for shipping.

You can sell items on Poshmark to make extra money.


Wedding Bee

The best sites to sell your wedding dress online Wedding Bee

Wedding Bee is a website that specializes in bringing together brides from around the world and assisting them with sharing their wedding planning experience with others. It’s centred around a social community aspect, which discusses everything from centrepieces to DIY wedding projects.

The site features a message board where brides can share opinions and ask others for advice on anything wedding related. Most importantly, the website features a classified section where you can create listings of your wedding dress and even sell a wide range of other wedding-related items such as decorative pieces, bridesmaids dresses and even your wedding ring.

It’s a fantastic website for brides on a budget to find some great items. Most importantly the listings you create for your dress is free and so is joining the site; you are also given the opportunity to set your own prices.


Smart Bride Boutique

The best sites to sell your wedding dress online Smart Bride Boutique

Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

Here is another website that helps you sell your wedding dress and it’s free! There is no commission on sales, so you keep all the profits. The website features a listing page and allows you to post up to four photos of your dress without requiring you to spend any money.

After you have your listing set up, it will be emailed to brides looking to buy a wedding dress that’s like your listing. If you would like your listing to be featured on the homepage of the website you will need to pay for the sites premium package, which costs $4.95 per month.

The best sites to sell your wedding dress online

This site has been in business since 2004 and assists with connecting buyers and sellers of new, sampled or used wedding dresses and bridal gowns. Due to the site ranking at number one on Google rankings, ongoing advertising and a very strong social media presence, your dress can be marketed to a large audience of eligible buyers.

There is a one-time listing fee of $25 and there is no commission on the sale. The site has an extremely high sell rate with their listings being viewed by more than 2000 people, with a sell time of roughly 70 days. The site also features a really helpful wedding dress value calculator which helps determine the best price for your dress.


Still White

The best sites to sell your wedding dress online Still White

Self-proclaimed as the largest pre-owned wedding dress marketplace, Still White features an easy to use platform for both sellers and buyers. According to their site, they have already made $23 million in sales and have a range of good options for selling your dress.

Using the standard option, you pay a one-time fee of $20 to create your listing and you will not need to pay any commission on the sale, the dress will be listed until it is sold. You can also upload up to four photos of the dress for buyers to see.

There is a premium listing option which is a $30 fee which features a homepage gallery, larger images in the search panel and up to eight photos can be posted. Shipping prices are variable, and they depend on location and the quality of your items.



The best sites to sell your wedding dress online RuffledRuffled is a free to sell site featuring wedding dresses. One of its main pages called “Recycle Your Wedding” operates securely with PayPal. It aims to provide an easy to use, helpful place for not just selling wedding dresses, but for wedding décor, party favours, paper goods and many more items from your wedding day.

Wore It Once

The best sites to sell your wedding dress online Wore It Once

This website specializes in connecting buyers and sellers of once-used, pre-owned wedding dresses. You can also feature bridesmaid dresses and other special-occasion gowns, the listing price is included in the one-time fee of $25 and the posting is easy and simple. You can post up to five images of your dress for buyers to browse through.

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Once Wed

The best sites to sell your wedding dress online Once Wed

Officially, Once Wed is a wedding related blog that covers anything related to weddings. The site also assists with the buying and selling of wedding dresses. All you need to do is to take a picture of your gown and post if alongside your listing. It does need to go through an approval process, which is evaluated after you submit your listing and can take up to 2 days to be approved.

The site doesn’t require you to pay listing fee’s, costs and services whatsoever. You will be able to list your dress on their site for free, although that also means you will need to take care of business and deal with the buyer to make sure you receive your payment.


Nearly Newlywed

The best sites to sell your wedding dress online Nearly Newlywed

This is another great website which supports a platform for selling your wedding dress. You can list new, pre-owned and used dresses for sale and best of all it’s incredibly easy to use. All they require of you is to fill out a listing form, add details about the dress, as well as photos and include specific measurements. You then set your dress selling price and pay a listing fee of $25.

If you need to you can add any changes to your listing, at any point, using your seller dashboard. Here you can make any changes to price, description or even update your photos. Once your dress sells, Nearly Newlywed will send you a prepaid shipping label, after you will be required to ship the dress to them and then will be inspected to verify its condition.

After the dress is inspected and you get the go ahead, the site will take care of everything else from details of the sale, payment, insurance, shipping and returns. After your dress is listed it can take up to 3 weeks for them to ship your dress and finalize the sale. Once your dress has been officially sold you will receive your payment via PayPal. This site takes a 35% commission, so its important to keep that in mind when setting your listing price.



The best sites to sell your wedding dress online Tradesy

This website is another fantastic site to sell your used wedding dress. The platform makes creating listings simple, and you will be able to set your own price. If you are looking to sell your dress with Tradesy it must be in a good condition. The listings are quick, easy and can be done within one minute.

One of the best things about this site is that once your item has sold, they will send you a pre-paid, pre-addressed, packaged shipping kit allowing you to ship your items without any difficulty. Payments will go directly to your Tradesy account once the shipping process has completed. Tradesy requires a 9% commission from your sale, but that is low compared to other similar listing sites.

This site doesn’t just sell wedding dresses though, you will be able to sell any fashion items that are in good condition. Also, its important to keep in mind that Tradesy covers the shipping and returns of most fashion items although, used wedding dresses are not included.

However, if you are buying Tradesy does come with a moneyback guarantee in case some wedding items are inauthentic, which takes some of the worry out of the used wedding dress buying process.


If you are feeling local

There are always local options if you haven’t decided which site you would like to list your wedding dress on such as Craigslist. Craigslist is one of the oldest sites, coming in handy as a standby for selling anything from furniture to toys. It also features a section for selling wedding-related items, including gowns.

It may not be the best place to sell wedding dresses, but it does have the perks of being local and free. It may take a longer period to sell your wedding dress on Craigslist due to the fact it might be harder to find potential buyers. You are required to write a description for your dress listing and decide on your own price.

It would also be good to mention that many Craigslist buyers do their best to haggle, so try and set the price of your listing with a little wiggle room for negotiation. Photos are not required, although it will attract more attention and help your dress sell successfully.

The best sites to sell your wedding dress online Facebook Marketplace

Another great option for local selling would be the Facebook marketplace which features Buy and sell groups. Facebook marketplace is very similar to Craigslist although the groups aren’t niche specific, and you can sell anything from home décor to appliances.

The upside is that the buyers are all local and you won’t need to worry as much about shipping, which at the end of the day saves you more money. It would be a good idea to include as many photos as possible, with a good description and a price.

You might be required to negotiate the final price, so again just like Craigslist, leave some room for bargaining. It will probably take a longer time to sell your dress via Facebook however, there are no fees required to create your listings.

Facebook Marketplace is also one of the best apps to sell your stuff online.


Some tips for selling used Wedding Dresses

The best sites to sell your wedding dress online Tips to sell wedding dress

Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

Wedding dresses are pricey these days and so it is a great way to make some extra money. Bear in mind the following before you begin:

Your dress must be in good condition. A used wedding dress that’s in good condition and is under two years old, can sell for 50% of the retail market price.

If you have a very recognizable branded dress such as Oscar de la Renta, you could make closer to around 60% of its retail value.

Even if your wedding dress isn’t designer don’t let that stop you; there’s a very large demand for all kinds of used, second-hand wedding dresses such as plus sized gowns, which are in very high demand.