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The best apps to sell your stuff online

The best apps to sell your stuff online

The best apps to sell your stuff online

In this article we’re going to be looking at 22 of the best apps you can use to sell your stuff online and make some extra cash. Selling stuff online has never been quicker or easier, so let’s jump right into it.


The best apps to sell your stuff online eBay

Of course, everyone knows or has heard about eBay. eBay is one of the most popular sites you can use to sell your items. Most people think eBay is used only for selling items that need to be shipped. However, there is a local pickup option where you can place listings for larger, more bulky items that a buyer would be required to pick it up.

Some businesses offer free local delivery if you live within a certain distance. This is a nice option if you own a business and a delivery truck. eBay also has a simpler listing process than most traditional websites and its possible to sell small items such as car parts or any relatively smaller items that don’t require shipping.

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Facebook Groups

The best apps to sell your stuff online Facebook Groups

This is another extremely popular app as of late. Facebook is the largest social media platform, so it makes sense to set up shop here as well. Facebook supports buy and sell groups and lists several of the closest groups to you if you are looking for a group. Its important to review a group’s guideline to be aware of any restrictions.

Besides listing on the marketplace, it would also be possible to use your timeline to try and sell your items. Although, it is only available to your friends they could easily share your post with their friends. It’s a pretty simple and easy process.


The best apps to sell your stuff online Poshmark

Poshmark specifically focuses on clothing; listing adult and children clothing is free and it’s also possible to receive a free prepaid shipping label when your items sell. It’s a simple process and all that would be required would be for you to take some pictures and upload them in real-time.

They actually have an option know as the closet, which allows a seller to list all of their items there in real time, a buyer would then browse the sellers entire closet and even if they are looking for something specific they can easily access your other listings which makes things easier and simpler for the buyer and seller.


The best apps to sell your stuff online Letgo

Another extremely popular app is Letgo, which has become the number one alternative to Craigslist. Lego is a similar concept to other marketplace apps. Basically, you take a picture of the item you wish to sell and list it quickly; you are however required to use their app only when listing and selling.

Although buyers can use the website to view listings. The nice thing about Letgo is that all their listings support zip and city codes which means if a buyer enters their zip code, Letgo will display the nearest product listings first, or you could just simply search by product name or category.


The best apps to sell your stuff online OfferUp

This is one of the more interesting apps out there, as the OfferUp app rewards sellers who repeatedly offer good customer experiences. Both buyers and sellers leave feedback relating to their transactions and the experience they had. This feature helps make this app more appealing than other similar apps, which helps identify scammers.

It’s also possible to link up with your Facebook account to prove your identity which not a lot of marketplace apps are doing. This app supports a watch list and has the nifty option allowing you to chat to your seller or buyer using the in app live chat feature. The app is free to use while supporting zip and city codes.

Trove Market

The best apps to sell your stuff online Trove Market

The Trove market specializes helping you to sell your furniture and décor. This marketplace is great for selling quality items for reasonable prices. It’s possible to list second-hand or vintage furniture as well as being able to ship items if they are small enough to be transported.

The app supports credit card payments, in App chat features, as well as the ability to pay in advance. Buyers are also able to pay at pickup if they desire to inspect the item before making the final decision to purchase it and listing is free.


The best apps to sell your stuff online Decluttr

Decluttr specializes in helping you sell items fast, includes a next day payment and it only takes a few minutes to make sales. Used items such as DVD’s, Cell Phones, textbooks, video games and consoles tablets and Legos are some of the most common fast selling used items.

Decluttr uses PayPal to pay you, and you will receive your payment the following day. Goods are required to be in good condition and will need to pass a quality control test as well as keeping within their seller guidelines.


The best apps to sell your stuff online Chairish

This app is designed for selling your furniture, although it’s possible with Chairish to sell your decorations and vintage jewellery too. Although, the minimum listing price is US Dollar 75, and there is a 20% commission. Free shipping is an option for some items which you can take to your nearest UPS store.

A buyer has 48 hours to return their product, if the 48-hour period lapses you will receive your payment. For in person pickups that window ends when you pick up the product. There is a downside with this app though, its only available for iPhones. Although, if you have high quality items to sell it can be a good choice regardless of the higher fees.


The best apps to sell your stuff online Carousell

Created in Singapore and now increasingly popular all around the world, Carousell is an app in which you can sell almost anything from clothing to cars and everything in between.

Social media platforms are supported which means you can share your listings with your friends, and they can share it with theirs. You are required to post some photos of your listings and your listings aren’t required to be paid for.


The best apps to sell your stuff online Instagram

Instagram is more popular than ever right now, and its also possible to sell your items there as it is considered as a local marketplace. All that would be required is a picture of some of the items you would like to sell with a description and price. This would be a good option if your niche is the younger generation.

Wish Local

The best apps to sell your stuff online Wish Local

Wish local is considered a local app which has two different sides of its marketplace. It’s possible for a buyer to use the app to find the lowest price from online retailers or you could use the Wish Local feature to lower your locational market to something more local. The good thing about Wish Local is that its available on almost every smartphone and is not limited to a specific platform.

5 Miles

The best apps to sell your stuff online 5 Miles

Another localized app, 5 miles is interesting because it allows buyers to limit their searches to a radius of 5 miles hence the name. Its also possible for you to list services, jobs and other sales you are interested in. The app also includes an “online Skills” section where you could list things like, impersonations, online training, stunts etc. The app is free to use and unlike any other market app out there you could potentially find an interesting job here.

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The best apps to sell your stuff online Zaarly

Limited to the United States this app assists people to find home services providers such as plumbing, painting, flooring etc. All businesses have been vetted by Zaarly and are held accountable, thereby ensuring quality services. If you provide any home services – provided you pass the app’s screening process – this is a great place to sell your services.


The best apps to sell your stuff online Recycler

This app is more focused around selling used cars, pets or if you are looking for a place to rent. Although it is not free, recycler also serves local communities in their area and was one of the first online classified apps on the market.


The best apps to sell your stuff online Dealo

Dealo is very similar to craigslist in the way a buyer would contact you either by phone or email, there isn’t much in the way of protected in app chat like other apps, however items would be easier to sell over the phone and quickly. Although this app Is only available on iPhones, it has quite a global presence. The buyer here has more options than many other apps out there.


The best apps to sell your stuff online Vinted

This is an interesting app, as it assists users to swap or sell clothing from their wardrobes. It’s more cost effective when swapping clothing, although you do pay a commission when you sell your clothing. The listings are free, and you are able to list any brands and you will get a decent return on designer items that are considered more valuable and less common on the market. Vinted accepts credit cards.


The best apps to sell your stuff online Shpock

This app is featured on the android and iPhone stores. Shpock stands for “Shop in your Pocket”. It’s possible for a user or buyer to pinpoint their locations on a map which they can use to browse their local marketplace. For example, if you were selling hats, a buyer would see your hat pinned on a map with your location, when a user clicks on the pinpoint they are able to read the sellers verbal description of the items they are selling.


The best apps to sell your stuff online Craigslist

One of the most popular apps, which is very similar to the well know website “Craigslist” which was the pioneer of online classifieds. It’s not exactly feature heavy but it has a massive audience, which means more potential buyers and a higher chance of making some decent sales.


The best apps to sell your stuff online ThredUP

This is one of the more popular apps out there today, with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. This app is specifically built for selling used clothing from a wide variety of choices and brands.

You will however be required to order a free closet cleanout kit, once the kit arrives in your mail you just drop it straight in send it off and wait for your order to be processed. Once your order is processed, you’ll receive a payment by either VISA, PayPal or thredUP shopping credit.


The best apps to sell your stuff online Fiverr

This app focuses more around the services aspect of things, whether you are a digital marketer, graphic designer, writer, video editor or musician. There are plenty of different categories to choose from. Fiverr encourages sellers to be as creative as possible, if it is legal obviously, and you can sell it. Unlike other apps Fiverr lets you choose the exact service that suites your needs and you get to decide your price.


The best apps to sell your stuff online Rover

The Rover app was specifically created to connect pet owners with reliable and trustworthy caretakers. Like Fiverr the app allows you to offer whichever services suit your needs and set your own rates. The services included are; dog boarding, house sittings, doggie day-care, walking and drop in visits. If you love animals, this is the perfect app for you.


The best apps to sell your stuff online Amazon

This is one of, if not the best, places to sell your used stuff for a great price. You have the option to set up an individual plan which doesn’t include a monthly fee, but you will be required to pay for your listing and selling fees. Popular categories included are books, electronics, jewellery and technology. Monthly memberships are offered for serious sellers who turn over a significant number of items.

There you have it some of the best apps to use and make money online!

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