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Sebata Holdings


Buy Sebata Holdings shares



? Sebata Holdings Ltd is an ICT company with a portfolio operating across four key divisions, namely software solutions, water technologies, consulting and ICT support services.

? The company has a history of delivering a strong performance across its divisions. The company’s software division focuses on enterprise management solutions, fresh market management solutions and revenue enhancement technologies.

? Sebata’s water technologies division has developed proprietary water management solutions that help monitor, measure and control the delivery of water to communities (public and gated) across the globe.

? The company’s Connectivity and IT Support division has become a leading provider of Telecommunication and Managed Solutions to the SME and corporate market in South Africa and is comprised of dedicated solutions from over 35 Tier 1 Network and Service Providers, with over 20 years’ experience in Managed Support.

? Data from the company’s 2019 financial analysis shows a turnover of over R 750 million, up from just under R 400 million for the previous year. Gross profit was over R 360 million, up from R193 million for the previous year.


  • Sebata Holdings‘s projected growth is driven by its innovation strategy, which delivers value-adding and sustainable innovative solutions, to which it provides professional support, disciplined capital and access to global markets.
  • To this end, 60% of South African local municipalities rely on Sebata’s in-house technologies to improve and better manage service delivery to millions of individuals across the country.
  • Sebata Holdings operates a high-value portfolio that drives long-term growth, both through its massive presence in the South African IT and operational market as well as its expansion into the UK market. Sebata can generate international revenues while leveraging off its predominantly South African cost base.


  • Sebata Holdings Ltd trades on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), where investors can buy shares under the stock symbol -SEB. The company has delivered steady growth to date, reflecting a stable share price and solid dividends for those who choose to purchase shares on the JSE today.
  • The company’s innovation strategy will drive growth going forward, allowing it to derive strong returns from its international expansion while still benefiting from its dominance of the South African market.
  • This makes Sebata Holdings shares a good buy-in for those seeking growth in the long term.

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