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Buy PSG stocks and shares

PSG (PSG) Shares


PSG Group Ltd. is an investment holdings company in South Africa that operates through several industries. Its portfolio includes operations in banking, early stage investments, financial services, education, food and related businesses. PSG Group has a market cap of almost R49 billion. It also invests in other companies with a combined market cap of almost R170 billion. The company has more than 200 offices in South Africa and a presence in Namibia and Mauritius.

PSG Group has seven main sectors through which it operates: Capitec, Curro, PSG Konsult (wealth, insurance and asset management), PSG Corporate (investment management, treasury services, corporate finance and tax advice), the BEE holding company Dipeo, PSG Private Equity and Zeder (food and related businesses). Its financial services are PSG Wealth, PSG Insure and PSG Asset Management.

Steinhoff Investment Holdings and Public Investment Corporation are major shareholders of PSG Group Ltd. PSG Group buys into companies at an early-stage, building entities up from the development stage alongside entrepreneurs. It aims to buy large, influential stakes in companies, providing them access to capital and strategic input that expedites growth.

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  • PSG Group is founded as PAG Ltd. in 1995. The company’s stockbroking business starts trading and PSG Fund Management is founded. It secures control over Anchor Life Insurance at a price of R44 million. In 1997 it changes its name to PSG Group Ltd. to focus more on its financial services and it sells PAG Placements for R107 million.
  • The company establishes its head office in Stellenbosch, South Africa. The company raises R1.2 billion to start PSG Noble Capital Ltd. in 1998 and a year later PSG Noble starts trading on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. The same year the company launches PSG Online and establishes PSG Konsult.
  • In 2000 the merger of PSG Noble and PSG Investment Bank takes place. It is then listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange as the seventh largest bank in South Africa. In 2002 it purchases Real Africa Durolink Bank and a year later it buys Keynes Rational. The name is then changed to Capitec. Numerous more acquisitions take place during the next few years.


  • PSG Group trades on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange under the JSEstock symbolPSG. Its shares can be found in the financial sectors under wealth management.
  • Analysisdata for the company’s annual report for the year ending February 28, 2019, shows a net cash flow from operating activities of R1 674 million.Cash and cash equivalents at end of the year are R705 million. Headline earnings are R2 194 million. Dividends per share is R4,56.
  • The forecast for PSG Group shares are at a stable priceand of great value. The company’s solid investments will show positive earnings.

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Buy PSG stocks / shares – A Step by Step Guide how to Buy / Purchase PSG Stocks or Shares online.

Before buying any stock or share one has to consider a few factors.


Upon deciding you want to buy PSG Stocks / Shares, it is critical for the serious investor to do proper research into the said company. Its values should align with those of the investor’s current portfolio. An investor needs to familiarise himself with the basics and history of the company, as well as its leadership and performance in the market. Its company reports should also be scrutinized.

Consultation with a brokerage firm can also assist in determining whether investing in a specific company will complement the investor’s current portfolio. The investment “risk ladder”, which identifies asset classes based on their relative riskiness, is another useful tool when determining which company’s stock / share is the best to buy.


It is important for an investor to monitor his total investment in stock in order to keep his portfolio aligned to his investment strategy. The overall value of his holdings will change with the fluctuation in stock prices, which can throw his portfolio off balance. To determine the amount to invest, multiply the number of shares of each stock by its current market price to determine the total investment in that specific stock. For example, if you own 100 shares of a US Dollar 5 stock, multiply 100 by US Dollar 5 to get US Dollar 500.


Investors can choose from a market order, a limit order, a stop order (also referred to as a stop-loss order) or a buy/sell stop order. It is important to familiarise yourself with each type’s pros and cons before deciding which one will suit your current stock profile best. An investor should be guided in this choice by his investment objective.


A brokerage account – also known as taxable investment account – is similar to a retirement account, but more flexible. Where a retirement account has limitations on the amount of money that can be contributed annually, and restrictions on when funds can be withdrawn, a brokerage account is more flexible. The latter has no income or contribution limit and the investor can withdraw his money at any given time. This flexibility, together with its potential investment gains, makes a brokerage account more attractive to serious investors. Brokerage accounts are ideal for goals or savings that are further than five years away, but closer than retirement. It can also supplement an investor’s emergency savings.


Lastly, commit to the stock. Pro Tip: Monitor the value of your stock to ensure you have a growing stock value and dividend pay-out.  Regularly check the share price online to ensure your investment delivers a positive return on investment. You are now a proud owner of PSG stocks / shares.

5 Questions to ask yourself before purchasing any stocks or shares.

  1. Is it the best time to buy this stock / share?
  2. Should I buy PSG stocks / shares in the current economic climate?
  3. Can I afford to buy this stock / share?
  4. What is the forecast of the stock / share growth?
  5. What is the current price per earning ration on the stock / share?

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