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How to make money with product testing

How to make money with product testing

How to make money with product testing

It is possible to get paid to test products from home. Product testing can be both a fun and rewarding experience for those who find it appealing. Usually a company will pay a tester for them to gain information about their product and make improvements before the product is pushed to market.

Sometimes a company will also go as far as shipping the tester the physical test product for them to use and enjoy. It basically makes no sense for a company to invest and spend a ton of money on a product launch if their initial feedback on the product has mostly negative reviews, they would then need to go back a few steps and make improvements to their product based on the reviews they have received.

Below we will be looking at a few websites that specialize in product testing and offer the best opportunities to maximise your chance of being selected to join a testing panel and become a product tester.



How to make money with product testing Toluna

One of the best sites for exchanging your views for free products and rewards is Toluna. The company allows you to sign up and apply to test products and if you are chosen to become a tester the product then will be sent to you. You get to keep the items in exchange for a short survey with your input on the product; what you thought was negative or positive about it.

The items that are sent to be tested will usually change all the time, some of the products often include cosmetic products such as toothpaste or shower gel and others. Toluna usually has around 200-500 of each product to test and testers are chosen randomly to partake. Although, sometimes this site suspends their product testing services to focus more on paid online surveys.



How to make money with product testing Pinecone

Pinecone has previously been reviewed as one of the most trustworthy survey and product testing sites out there, and one of the best paying too. The only downfall is that their invites are hard to come by and only now and then will you be offered a chance to become a Pinecone tester.

Basically, you would be required to sign up to Pinecone and answer surveys for them and occasionally an offer to test a product will then come up. Usually Pinecone tests products such as beauty, food and drink products and more. The products supplied by Pinecone may be a little more limited than other sites however, you have less users connected with their product testing so the chances of getting a product can be higher.


User Testing

How to make money with product testing User Testing

Many reviewers of UserTesting have said it is an awesome site mainly because you get to test websites for money. Unfortunately, you won’t be testing physical products, but it can be a fun and interesting experience for those first starting out. It’s very interesting which keeps you engaged and entertained.

You basically sign up and complete a test which will then be reviewed and if all goes smoothly, you will then be sent to review sites from time to time. Usually a User Testing website tester will get paid around US Dollar 10 via PayPal for every review they do, with each taking on average around 20 minutes to complete. Something else to add here is that only around 1% of reviews get declined so if this appeals to you, you should give it a try.


Clicks Research

How to make money with product testing Clicks Research

This is another great testing site. Clicks Research helps set you up with a host of big-name brands such as Boots, Sanctuary and The Body Shop. What many users enjoy about this site is that apart from just testing products, you can also complete surveys they assign you to. What this does is earn you Click points.

Once you have earned 2500 points, you will be paid US Dollar 20 and with each survey you are eligible to earn around 25-200 points, this could range from anywhere between 12 and 100 surveys. This is how it works; you sign up to the site and take part in as many trails and surveys as you can. The more you complete, the higher your chance is of your rating increasing and so does the amount of tasks you will be assigned or be invited to take part in.

If you complete these tasks on time your rating will increase even higher. Some of the brands that Clicks research work with include a range of products, from ready made meals, slimming shakes to cosmetic products, chocolate and more. In summary, with Clicks research, the more products surveys and trials you complete, the more your chances of receiving products increases.


MyOpinions Now

How to make money with product testing MyOpinions Now

This site specializes in sending out products in the category of household laundry among various others. You also earn compensation in cash through cheque. You are required to be over thirteen years of age in order to be accepted as a member of the site.

Primarily this site also takes part in many online surveys apart from the laundry products. You will be invited to take many online surveys and voice your opinion while trying out new products for free, members who join are eligible to earn 1000 bonus points for becoming a new member. These reward points can be redeemed for cash. Find out more about everything you need to know about data entry jobs from home.


JJ friends and Neighbours

How to make money with product testing JJ friends and Neighbours

Everyone today knows or have heard of Johnson & Johnson as they are one of the biggest brands in the world. They own multiple different companies such as Aveeno, Neutrogena, Clean & Clear and many other brands you would probably have lying around your bathroom.

The JJ friends and Neighbours program allows you to be eligible to test products for free, and best of all keep them all before the products are launched to market. This may include smelling different fragrances, trying cosmetics such as makeup or any other self-care products. Although they are sparse on payment details, prepaid visa gift cards are what they usually pay you with.

They also allow you to participate in other online surveys, discussions, forums, focus groups and various other panels. Anybody can join their program, once you have signed up you will receive an email if you are eligible to participate in the test.



How to make money with product testing Crowdville

Crowdville, who are well established in Italy and have become increasingly popular in the UK, specialize in the product testing of various apps, particularly smartphone apps. If you love discovering the latest mobile apps why not get paid for it? You will need to sign up, create and complete a profile with them.

You are then required to join a testing category, or what they call a “mission”, such as a specific product test. After this initial period, they will then send you all the necessary details from there. They even provide a step-by-step guide educating you on how to test the latest apps, how to take screenshots, report bugs, filling surveys and any other requirements they need.

It would be important to add that Crowdville is a new product testing company, so it’s unclear how often you’ll be selected to join tests. Still there’s no harming in finding out.


Alba Science

How to make money with product testing Alba Science

Typically, Alba science will send you cosmetics to test, and the quality of the products are usually quite high. What’s interesting is that Alba science also conducts paid clinical trials, however you will be required to attend their Edinburgh office to take part in these trails.

These trails include products which aren’t quite ready to go on sale, or that are required to make claims which need to be tested; such as skin products. You can become a home tester with Alba, all you would be required to do is sign up a profile and check the list of all the current trails that are underway.

New opportunities through this company are posted nearly all the time and you can also follow up on them via social media to keep ahead of the news. Usually you’ll be testing cosmetic products such as moisturiser, shampoo and even toilet paper.



How to make money with product testing BetaTesting.com

This testing platform is like UserTesting, they specialize in testing apps, websites and hardware. They have been established since 2012. The great thing about this platform is that they reward comprehensive assessments with more work, so those with a higher quality of feedback receive more opportunities.

You are required to have some knowledge about checking for bugs on sites and how some programmes work. It is possible to receive up to 5 tests per month at US Dollar 10 each via PayPal and you are paid one week after the project is complete.



How to make money with product testing BzzAgent

This is one of the newer, younger companies and is one of the few that primarily focus on product testing. Most of the companies in this article include surveys, focus groups and more. Location is important as you are required to be from USA, Canada or the UK and all you need to do is complete your profile and answer a questionnaire with a few surveys to determine your area of expertise.

Once you have been given the opportunity to start product testing and once you have received your assignment via email you will be given 8 weeks to test the product, share your results and submit your feedback. BzzAgent specializes in a variety of products such as gadgets, toiletries, cosmetics, home equipment and many more.

Unfortunately, the company does not pay cash up front, instead requires the product members that test out the products to promote them either on Instagram, Facebook or other online platforms, the eligible testers will then be given more invitations in the future.

You might also be interested in the best apps to sell your stuff online.


Some other similar sites and their product specializations

How to make money with product testing Other sites

  • CrowdTap – Features full-sized product samples, although no cash.
  • The Pink Panel – Features mostly beauty products and tools and you receive gift certificates from US Dollar 25-US Dollar 100 at the end of the testing period.
  • Glamour Glam Spotters – Features pre-launch beauty items to test, although doesn’t feature monetary rewards.
  • Vogue Insiders – From Vogue Magazine, features full-sized beauty products to test.
  • InStyle Trendsetters – Similar to Glamour Glam Spotters and Vogue Insiders although, you earn an entry into a sweepstakes and the chance to win US Dollar 25k worth of prizes.
  • SheSpeaks – Primarily for Women only, features products ranging from kitchen items to skin care products and cosmetics.
  • HomeSchool – Features eligible applicants to join the testing program and receive school supplies if accepted.
  • Smiley360 – Features full-sized toiletries and beauty products
  • Sephora – You aren’t required to buy anything although you are given the opportunity to choose 3 beauty products per department.

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