The most interesting online jobs for college students

The most interesting online jobs for college students

The most interesting online jobs for college students

Working while attending College or University is a great way to earn money on the side to supplement your daily needs, pay for additional textbooks or participate in extra-curricular activities. And let’s face it, things are not getting any cheaper and your social life needs funding.

The challenge is you don’t have the time available to work full-time with your busy schedule. As a student you need a flexible work schedule that doesn’t interfere with your studies and do something interesting while you are at it.

Flexible jobs that pay while you study

We have compiled some of the most interesting online jobs that are flexible enough to not compromise your studies and which could earn you a decent part-time income.

Social Media Manager

Online jobs for college students Social Media Manager

Managing a company’s social media account can be a great way to make money while maintaining a busy schedule, it also can be a fun way to connect with your favourite local businesses. A social media manager serves as the voice of a business online via various engagement platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat, LinkedIn etc,. You would be interacting and communicating with followers as well as promoting deals and content.

Where do you begin? Focus on connecting through the social platforms you love and are familiar with. If you have a strong presence and activity on various social platforms it will boost your pay and performance. If you don’t have a presence on any channels, you need to take a few months building up a profile and footprint before you will be taken seriously as a social media manager. No one will work with someone who doesn’t have social cred!

Once you have a social presence, identify businesses close to you, preferably those where you are the typical target customer. Most traditional businesses don’t know how to engage with young people, and since you are their potential customer you can give them valuable insight.

Some research you need to do: how are they doing on social media compared to other similar companies; identify what is missing from their posts and responses; think about where you can add value.  Then connect with the owner or marketing manager and ask if you can pop in for a coffee.

Explain that you have some insights as a young person about their social media presence and would like to share these with them. In this way you are more likely to get a meeting and you will definitely be remembered for your initiative.

Earning potential: On average Social Media Managers earn $15-$50 an hour.

Search Engine evaluator

Online jobs for college students Search Engine evaluator

Believe it or not even though search engines like Bing or Google have advanced algorithms that are usually updated, they can still be filled with errors. That’s where a search engine evaluator comes in. You would be paid typically around $12-$15 an hour to clean up search engines which rely on real humans to look at search results and offer the company feedback on the quality, accuracy and usefulness of their searches.

Sites like Leapforce, Lionbriged and Appen Butler Hill could potentially be a good start in finding out if this line of work is for you.

Earning potential: You would be paid typically around $12-$15 an hour.


Online jobs for college students Micro-Freelancer

Perhaps you are a creative and you would like to earn some extra money or even make a living off it? You could potentially turn your unique ideas and skills into gigs which people would pay you for. Or you could look for requested services and get paid some extra cash from people who require help with a few quick tasks.

Earning potential: You could be paid $5-$60 per hour or more with Fiverr.

PowerPoint Presentation Designer

Online jobs for college students PowerPoint Presentation Designer

Perhaps spending all those hours behind a computer has made you a pro at using PowerPoint? It’s possible for you to make some extra cash designing PowerPoint presentations for businesses or individuals. Sometimes keynote speakers or a spokesperson at a business doesn’t have the time to create presentations for their events.

Again we recommend creating a portfolio of slides you have created and identify businesses to connect with directly. If you think that is too much work, then sites like Upwork and freelancer help you set up your own freelance services and you could get paid to create PowerPoint presentations on these platforms.

Earning potential: You could make $10-$20 per slide obviously depending on the level of skill that’s put into the work.

Virtual Assistant

Online jobs for college students Virtual Assistant

VA jobs are increasingly in demand as more professionals are going into freelance jobs and self-employment. VA work varies in pay, hours and work. You essentially would be assisting businesses and people with social media management, data entry, website maintenance, research and customer care. Sites like Zirtual, People Per hour and Va Networking could help you in getting started.

Earning potential: VA Jobs generally pay $10-$20 an hour depending on the demand.

Online Tutor

Online jobs for college students Online Tutor

Perhaps learning all that information while studying sparked a method that you could help teach others? You may as well make some money on the side helping people with the subjects they don’t understand. is the leading website for online tutoring where you get paid to tutor. Wyzant is a direct competitor to although they can also help you get paid to tutor people in a variety of subjects.


Online jobs for college students Transcriptionist

Transcribing offers flexible workloads and hours and requires little to no prior experience. You would essentially be listening to audio and typing what is being said or what you hear. This line of work can be repetitive and requires a lot of attention to detail. Although the hours are flexible enough to fit around a busy schedule and the pay is relatively decent.

Earning potential: $15-$20 for general transcription. If you specialize in higher levels of education like legal or medical fields its possible to earn way more.

Product, Software and App Testing

Online jobs for college students Product, Software and App Testing

Thousands of new products are hitting the market every day. These products typically require extensive testing before being released, that’s where the tester comes in. You would be testing the latest releases in software apps and or other products and then report back your findings to the client or business.

These could range from new Smartphones to the latest app and more. If this sparks your interest sites like Usertesting and UserZoom are great platforms to get started in testing different products before they are released.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Online jobs for college students Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk gives you the opportunity to work in a wide variety of tasks and jobs that help amazon run smoothly. You would be working as a freelance worker for amazon online that gets paid for all the odds and ends they require. Learn more on how to become an amazon mechanical turk on mturk.

Sign up for research studies

Online jobs for college students Sign up for research studies

Research studies are a great way to earn some quick extra money. You would be participating in any research that the business has to offer. This work can vary from different products and how people interact with them, to educational practices and or market research.

Sites like Respondent and Vindale Research  often have research studies but they are on a first come, first serve basis so its important to be quick to apply.

Earning potential: From $50-$400 depending on the undergoing study

Online Surveys

Online jobs for college students Online Surveys

Brands and services are always looking for people to take surveys to help them deliver better products, these are very common online jobs to do from home or in your spare time. You would be paid in cash or gift cards. Its important when looking into doing online surveys to sign up to as many survey sites as you can, after all, the more surveys you do the more you will make.

Sites like Survey Junkie, Swagbucks and PrizeRebel  could help you getg started in this line of work. It’s also important to create a separate email account only for surveys so you can manage your different jobs easily.

Graphic Design

Online jobs for college students Graphic Design

Perhaps you have a creative side that you could put to work? You don’t need a qualification to try your hand at graphic design. All you would need is creativity, attention to detail, the right tools and some practice. Small businesses are always looking for designers to create business cards, logos, social media images etc.

If you find that you’re a natural and it comes easy to you, but you don’t have the tools you can go to sites like where you can use many free templates to create designs without any experience at all. All you need it to spend time learning how to use the site and its tools.

Start by reaching out to small businesses in your area and let them know about the services you offer and how you could help them. Also, many bloggers use freelance designers for Pinterest pin creation and other social media image creation so you would never  be without work if you connect with the right people.

Earning potential: You can earn anything from $20-$50 an hour in this line of work.

Virtual Recruitment

Online jobs for college students Virtual Recruitment

It’s possible to be hired as a virtual recruiter and in turn you would be connecting employees and or freelancers with the right work. As a virtual recruiter you would act as the link between a business and potential new employees. You would be in charge of posting available new jobs, screen resumes, conduct interviews and negotiate salaries.

Earning potential: Contractors get 20-$30 an hour; if you are set as a freelancer you would be on a commission rate.

Niche Blogger

Online jobs for college students Niche Blogger

Perhaps you already own a blog or have thought about creating your own blog or you know of topics that offer value to readers. It would be possible to make decent money through blogging. Here’s how it works, you would essentially create a go to source of information in your niche and make extra money through advertising, affiliate marketing and sponsored posts.

With good planning you could write and promote your own blog in your spare time and earn passive income depending on how much traffic your blog generates.


Online jobs for college students Captioner

People who work as a Captioner get paid to watch videos and make time captions that sync perfectly with the audio of the video. The pay is not amazing, but it is generally very flexible so is perfect for students. Rev is a great website for finding work as a Captioner.

Online English Teacher

Online jobs for college students Online English Teacher

If you have a stable internet connection and English is your first language you could potentially earn some easy money on the side through teaching English over video chat. There is always a high demand for English teachers around the world and doing it digitally is a great time efficient method that would be easy to do under a busy studying schedule. VIPKID is a great option for making money teaching English online.

Earning potential: Usually this job pays around $14-$22 an hour.


Online jobs for college students Proofreading

Do you have a keen eye for seeing errors while reading? Proof-readers are always in high demand and it is relatively easy work to do from home or in your spare time. You could potentially set up your own freelance proofreading service and speak to local businesses about offering those services.

You would need to connect with a business that does a high volume of written work for print or digital, such as a book publisher, newspaper, training company, school or a company that creates a  lot of manuals.


Online jobs for college students Genealogist

People will pay decent money for someone to put together their family trees. Perhaps you have a hobby in Genealogy, or you are studying the subject in school? The work is flexible to your time management and pays quite well. You could set up your own freelance service or set up your own virtual storefront.

Earning potential: Some people offer their services in Genealogy and charge anything between $70-$700 pre request.

Data Entry Clerk

Online jobs for college students Data Entry Clerk

Data entry jobs aren’t the best paying, although they will definitely fit into your schedule and typically don’t require a ton of experience or skills. Usually all you would need Is a computer, some basic computer skills and an internet connection to get started.

However, these jobs do require some patience as they are very repetitive. Trusted sites like Clickworker and DionData solutions could be a good start. It’s important to accept these jobs from trusted companies as there have been many reports of scamming in this line of work.

Earning potential: Data entry clerks typically earn around $10-$16 an hour.


So there you have it, these are some of the popular jobs students are doing from home in their spare time that don’t conflict with their busy study schedules. The pay in these jobs are decent and depending on what interests you, it is possible to take the skills you are studying and transform them into a way to make money online.