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Making money playing games online

Making money playing games online

Making money playing games online

Landing a full-time career playing video games sounded like a dream in the past. However, now days there are hundreds of people who have made a career and a stable income through playing video games. Business in the gaming industry has exploded over the last few years and in Esports it’s even bigger.

Hundreds of gamers travel the world to compete in tournaments as often as they can, the highest paid gamer was reported to have collected US Dollar 2 Million playing games competitively in 2017.

Below we are going to be looking at some of the ways you can start earning an income in gaming, or perhaps starting your own professional career. Keep in mind that competitive Esports is locational and some of the numbers don’t exactly represent the norm. But the gaming industry will never die, and it is expected to grow exponentially over the next few years.

With that being said let’s get started.



Making money playing games online Swagbucks

We’ve spoken about Swagbucks many times before. This website is becoming increasingly popular and pays people do to various online tasks such as watching videos, shopping, searching for products and many more. Swagbucks however, also pays you to play games. The games are simple and almost anyone can do it, the best part about it is that even casual gamers can generate real money from playing games.

Signing up is easy and straight forward and new Swagbucks users are also given a US Dollar 10 sign up bonus. If you’re considering signing up, its possible for you to participate in the featured promotions for various games and earn some Swagbucks before you gain experience, eventually earning you more over time.


Inbox Dollars

Making money playing games online Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is a website that provides the opportunity for users to earn real money by playing games on their site. However, you aren’t going to earn a lot of money using Inbox Dollars, but it’s still a great starting point for anyone who is interested. All you would do is sign up with InboxDollars, who by the way don’t charge a sign-up fee, and start gaming for money off the bat.

You will be offered a variety of games to choose from to begin playing. InboxDollars is a great, simple and easy way to start generating some extra cash through gaming and you’re also given your first US Dollar 5 when you sign up and create your account.


Point Club

Making money playing games online Point Club

This increasingly popular survey platform, Point Club pays users to complete a variety of different tasks such as taking surveys or playing games online and many more. It’s possible with Point Club to earn some extra cash on the side just by partaking in their daily tasks. You are required to be at least 13 years of age or older and have a valid email address.

When you sign up, you will be gifted an amount of US Dollar 5 just for creating your account and getting started.


Read how to become a survey junkie and get paid cash.

Bingo Mania

Making money playing games online Bingo Mania

Perhaps you have a thing for bingo, and you are really good at it? If you are a bingo master, then you might just have the opportunity to start earning some money just from playing bingo online. This site offers you the chance to choose a variety of bingo games daily and you could possibly start earning US Dollar 1 which will then be increased until someone wins.

All the games offered on this site are Bingo games so, if you have a knack for beating people at bingo, why not start earning some money doing it?


Paid Game Player

Making money playing games online Paid Game Player

Another gaming site, Paid Game Player offers the opportunity for people to earn some money while enjoying their favourite online games. The site has a huge variety of games to choose from, once you register and create an account with Paid Game Player you will be given the chance to access over 600 different games on their site for you to play and enjoy.

Users who are interested in making money are required to be over 18 years of age or older. Some of the games they offer include puzzle games, arcade games, casino games and many more.


Creating a name for yourself Gaming Independently

Creating a name for yourself Gaming Independently

While Inbox Dollars and Swagbucks might bring in some extra money on the side, its not exactly the best way to make your income through gaming. Some of the more successful gamers who have created a career through gaming are known as broadcasters or Esports pro’s and they are earning their living from entertaining their audience on a variety of different platforms. Some of these methods are considered the “real money-makers” in the gaming industry.

Starting your own gaming blog

Starting your own gaming blog

Creating your very own gaming blog is one of the first steps to take in building your audience for you to potentially start your career in gaming. There are hundreds of successful gaming vloggers out there however, there aren’t many gamers who take the time out of their day to write about online gaming.

If you are passionate about gaming and would like to find some like minded individuals to follow you this would be the perfect place to start. Creating your own gaming blog can be a massively impactful way to help you create that audience that will help you gain some exposure and get noticed amongst the community.

Essentially, how it works is that you would begin writing great content that begins bringing in traffic and attracts sponsors and gaming companies to your site. This will then give you the chance to create a revenue stream with affiliate marketing products in gaming gear and recommending games to other gamers out there.

When users purchase anything through your referral links, you will get paid for writing about your experiences in gaming. It would be important to remember that every blogging niche is very different in their own way.

You need great content, patience and persistence, however if you are dedicated and passionate you could become the next successful gaming blogger. Perhaps think about researching some ways you could start your blog for your targeted audience and go from there.

Read more about online jobs for teens.

Competing in Esports

Making money playing games online Competing in Esports

It’s possible now days to start a career in Esports and make a decent living doing so. Maybe you are extremely good at a certain video game, or you find yourself constantly beating your friends at various games. Perhaps you’re competitive with a knack for competing in tournaments?

Esports competitions might just be your ideal way to begin making a name for yourself and create a career while doing so. Of course, this is dependant on location as some countries don’t really consider gaming a part of the high ranked sports displayed on TV or in ads.

However, in some places such as the USA, Europe and Asia, Esports gamers who are signed earn an average salary of US Dollar 60 000 per month. Which is more than most people’s jobs and they don’t get to have as much fun. Esports can be extremely difficult and requires great motor skills, patience, skill, the ability to learn no matter how difficult the task and the most important of all, passion.

Not everyone has what it takes to put in the time and energy to become a successful Esports pro. You will be required to reach out to teams, organizations and gaming sponsors to see if you have the right skills and mindset that they are looking for.

Tournaments are the best way to make decent money through competing in Esports. In the US some of the top prize pools are around US Dollar 200 000 per tournament. It’s important to remember though that not everyone who competes is going to make massive amounts of money right from the start.

Once you have started competing in tournaments you should think about reaching out to gain some sponsors and get noticed in the gaming community. The more you win, the more opportunity you will have to get more sponsors who will want to represent you in different tournaments around the world.


Gaming YouTube Channel

Making money playing games online Gaming YouTube Channel

Perhaps competing in Esports tournaments isn’t for you. How about considering starting your own gaming YouTube Channel? The key here is to use the increasing popularity of YouTube and by creating content for likeminded gamers. Starting your own YouTube channel isn’t too hard and doesn’t require a lot of initial investment besides your time and creativity.

However, you do need engaging and compelling content and good equipment. A simple and easy way to start would be to use your smartphone to record videos, edit them and start building your audience. As your audience grows and you start becoming popular, so does the demand for even better content and a more professional approach to your presentation.

The more people who notice you and your channel, the more revenue you will generate through advertisements and sponsorships. Whether you are playing a playthrough of a game or giving tips to people, content is the most important factor when starting a gaming channel. You wouldn’t want your viewers or fans to go to other channels, so keeping them continually engaged through your content is primary.

Specific systems are going to attract a certain niche and specific fan support for example an Xbox fan will want to engage with the latest games on Xbox, where as a PS4 gamer would want to engage with a PS4 YouTube channel and so on.

This might require you to purchase different systems or upgrade to a latest one; having the right approach to your audience through your equipment is an essential part of growing your fan base.


Find out what are the most interesting online jobs for college students.

Become a Gaming Broadcaster

Making money playing games online Become a Gaming Broadcaster

One of the best ways to generate an income through gaming is to create your own Twitch or Mixer channel and become recognized as broadcaster. Twitch and Mixer are gaming platforms which support live streaming services for video gamers. The extremely popular platform Twitch has support from millions of gamers around the world.

How you start generating income is by using the platforms tier subscription services which range from US Dollar 4.99 to US Dollar 24.99. When first starting out you would be using the free option and partnership comes later. Hundreds or even thousands of gamers out there today have turned their passion for gaming into a full-time job while making a good living being a live streamer playing video games.

However, it takes some time. Just because you have singed up doesn’t mean you’ll be given the chance to make some decent money immediately. You will however be given the chance for those who are serious about gaming. Twitch gives those people who are serious gamers to start making money playing video games. It works like this, the more views your channel has, the more leads you will have to generate potential income.

Once you have at least 500 regular viewers, or views per video you will be given the opportunity to apply to become a twitch partner and you aren’t required to pay anything for this opportunity. After you have become partnered with Twitch you will then need your subscribers to help you generate even more income for your channel.

Making money playing games online Twitch

With each subscriber Twitch will pay you US Dollar 2.50 which is not bad for playing video games. You are also given the opportunity to ask for donations from your viewers, this isn’t essential however, if your fans are looking for a way to support your skills and passion, they can donate to you directly.

Becoming a successful broadcaster on Twitch isn’t going to happen overnight, most of the very successful streamers all say that it will take a few years to get it right. So, if you have the passion, the skill and the patience this would be the first step in becoming a paid full-time live streamer playing video games and earning an income.

If neither of these topics interest you, consider other viable methods to earn some money playing video games such as:

Become a game tester. A company will pay you to play their games and give them your opinion and feedback around a certain topic. While some companies require specific software and knowledge many companies want gamers to beta test their version of the game so they can be prepared before the game is released.

Gaming Technical Support. Perhaps you are great with people or all your friends seem to phone you when they need help diagnosing a problem or need help getting past a certain level? These skills such as communication can help land you a full-time job in the gaming industry as a Technical Support Professional. If you have the passion for helping people and love video games, this could potentially be a great starting point for you.


Become a Video Game Developer

Making money playing games online Become a Video Game Developer

This last point will require some qualifications and knowledge in certain software programs and systems. Although, if you find your self constantly analysing behind the scenes features of games and have a huge love and passion for creativity then maybe becoming a Video Game Developer is for you.

There are always many online programs that will assist and introduce you into the world of video game design and teach you the skills required in order to create and develop games for the market. Maybe you have some experience in coding and design skills? Consider building some examples, or games and putting together a portfolio, it could lead you to a career in gaming development.

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