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? Kadant Inc., an equipment and components supplier to process industries, was founded in 1991 and has its headquarters in Westford, Massachusetts in the United States. The company was established as a partly privately-owned subsidiary of Thermo Electron.

? It was fully spun out and renamed Kadant in 2001. Kadant Inc. is engaged in the papermaking, paper recycling, and other processing industries in the U.S., Europe and China. The company operates in North- and South America, Europe and Asia.

? Kadant Inc. established Thermo Fibergen in 1996 with the objective of focussing on technologies to recover products from paper-making waste products.

? The latter, in turn, acquired Granulation Technology, Inc. that includes a division called GranTek. GranTek produces granules from sludge used as a carrier for agricultural pesticides and chemicals. This granule business became the focus of Fibergen.

? Kadant Inc.’s innovative product and technologies assist with the reduction in energy consumption, improve water management and enhance efficiencies for long-term sustainability. Today, the company employs approximately 1 800 people across its global operations.


  • Kadant Inc. conducts its operations through four primary segments: Stock Preparation; Fluid Handling; Roll Doctoring, Cleaning and Filtration, and Fiber-Based Granules.
  • The company provides custom-engineered systems such as recycling- and approach flow systems, as well as equipment for virgin pulping processing – to name but two. It also supplies fluid-handling systems such as rotary joints, turbulator bars, syphons and precision unions used in the dryer section of the papermaking process, as well as in the production of corrugated boxboard, plastics, metals, rubber, textiles, chemicals and food.
  • Kadant Inc. also specializes in doctoring- and profiling systems, shower and fabric-conditioning, formation, and water-filtrating systems. The company also supplies individual components used in pulping, screening and cleaning. It also distributes biodegradable absorbent granules for use in agriculture.
  • Kadant Inc. has research and development facilities in the U.S. and Europe and offers seminars and training programs.


  • Kadant, Inc. conducts its operations in an environmentally friendly fashion and cares deeply about the environment and the communities in which it operates.

  • It is serious about recycling and adheres to sound business principles that enable the company to deliver innovative products that enhance life.

  • The company does not compromise on honest business ethics and adheres to values such as integrity, diversity, accountability and innovation.

  • Clients can be sure of getting the best value for their money.

  • The company also does not leave a stone unturned to deliver exceptional value for its partners and shareholders who purchase company shares.


  • Kadant, Inc. trades on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the stock symbol KAI. The company is a Russell 2000 component.
  • For the second fiscal quarter 2019, the company increased its revenue to a record USUS Dollar 177 million. GAAP diluted EPS increased 31% to US Dollar 11.42 and net income also increased by 32% to USUS Dollar 16 million.
  • This stellar performance in the market affords shareholders who buy or sell company shares the confidence to do so in the expectation of solid dividends and returns.

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