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? Hubbell Incorporated is a manufacturing company. Its portfolio includes the designing, manufacturing and marketing of numerous electrical products used in utility applications, industrial, construction and other markets.

? Its brand portfolio offers a wide selection of well-known products such as Alera, Austdac, Anderson, Beacon, Cableform, Chance Foundation Solutions, Chance Lineman Grade Tools, Dual-Lite, EC&M and thousands other. Its online shop offers more than 130 000 products.

? The company has manufacturing facilities across the United States, Switzerland, Mexico, Canada, the People’s Republic of China, Puerto Rico, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Australia and Italy. Its product categories are Lighting & Controls, Wiring & Electrical, Data & Communications as well as Power & Utilities.

? Hubbell Incorporated’s headquarters is in Shelton, Connecticut. The company has more than 17 000 employees and agents around the globe.


  • Hubbell Incorporated is founded in 1888 by inventor Harvey Hubbell II as a small manufacturing company in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

  • Several products are invested and manufactured in the next few years, such as a paper roll holder with a toothed blade and a machine to design parts, machinery to slot screw heads, a machine to assemble parts and screws, changeable speed screwdrivers, pull sockets and several others battery-charging systems and vacuum tube sockets for radio communications.

  • By the early 1900’s the company’s portfolio consists of 63 electrical products which is presented in a 12-page catalogue. The company are offered 45 patents for its electrical products.

  • In 1905 the company is incorporated as Harvey Hubbell, Incorporated.

  • In 1909 it builds a manufacturing facility with four floors and an office building.

  • By 1917 Hubbell introduces its 17th catalogue. It contains more than a thousand products in its 100 pages.

  • Through the years the company buys many power, electric and lighting brands used in construction, utility and industrial industries. Several companies are also purchased to expand the company into the successful company that it is today.


  • Hubbell Incorporated listens, understands and efficiently assist its customers.

  • It offers only the best quality products and ensures a positive customer experience.

  • The company operates responsibly and values its employees’ health and safety.

  • Opportunities are created to achieve its goals to develop long term relationships, build confidence and offer customers and shareholders with value-added services.


  • Hubbell Incorporated trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the NYSE stock symbol “HUBB”.

  • Data analysis for the company’s quarterly period ending June 30, 2019 reports total assets of $ 5,036.0 million.

  • Net sales for the reported period are $ 1,196.4 million. Gross profit is $ 357.4 million. Operating income is $ 166.9 million and net income is $ 97.9 million.

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