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How to make money from your Hobby

Make money out of your hobby

How to make money from your Hobby

Most people today work to pay the bills and do not like what they do: in fact, 60% of American employees are dissatisfied at the office, according to research by analytics and consulting firm Great Place to Work.

If you are one of those people, imagine spending time on your hobbies instead of working at a day to day job…The question is what if you could make money from your hobby? Not just small amounts, but enough to cover your cost of living to enjoy the lifestyle you want. Would you go for it?

We investigated the top ways people have made a decent money using their hobbies and discuss each of them below. However, don’t quit your day job just yet, we recommend that you first try make money with your hobby after hours before launching into it full time.


Graphic Design

How to make money from your Hobby Graphic Design

If you have an artistic side with some experience in graphic design, or it is something you are interested in studying and turning into a full-time career, this is a great idea as it’s a relatively niche market to fill.

The market for graphic design is always in high demand. However, it is also a highly competitive one. Still, if you are good at it you can potentially make a decent amount of cash.

If you haven’t any experience and working for a company doesn’t exactly fit into what it is that you would like to do, consider working part-time while putting together a decent portfolio to showcase your work. Part time work also allows you to source your own clients while having the stability of a job.

A few ways you could make money with Graphic Design:

  • Creating Logo, brochure, business cards and product label designs.
  • Creating your own stock graphics to sell at different marketplaces and websites.
  • Create your own website to sell your stock graphics.
  • Create freelance design tutorials for blogs and magazines.


Freelance Writing

How to make money from your Hobby Freelance Writing

Perhaps you are an A grade English student, or are good at language, or you just like to write; there are plenty of different ways you can use this hobby to make some decent money. In fact, freelance writing gigs have been rated as one of the best opportunities for making money online.

There are always tons of blogs that pay good writers, and even more are being launched every single day.

There is a huge need for talented writers, and some of the better opportunities pay decently.

There are multiple ways you could make money online with a writing hobby such as freelance blogging. Freelance writing is also 1 of 15 of the best stay at home mom jobs.

Other ways to make Money with a writing hobby include:

  • Writing for magazines.
  • Writing and selling eBooks.
  • Writing greeting cards.
  • Writing sales copy.


Create a podcast

How to make money from your Hobby Create a podcast

For some who have already taken a glance at blogging or YouTube content creation, Podcasting is almost the same except that the content is delivered in audio form instead of text or video content.

One of the great things about creating a Podcast is the creativity behind the content delivery. If you have a great storytelling voice or a hidden talent of uncovering interesting topics of discussion and telling them through language, Podcasting can be really fulfilling. It also has the potential to make you lots of money, if there are people who are interested in listening to what you have to say.

A podcast can also be used in combination with blogging content which has proven to be a very effective way of connecting with audiences on both written and audio mediums.

Ways to make money through podcasting:

  • Selling sponsorships.
  • Promoting other people’s products with the use of affiliate marketing.
  • Creating and selling your own products.
  • Selling courses or eBooks.


Furniture Restoration

How to make money from your Hobby Furniture Restoration

Perhaps you love to work with your hands, making or restoring furniture. If so, then you really might enjoy restoring and flipping old, used furniture. It’s common and easy to find old furniture for free or on the cheap from a seller, flea markets, thrift stores or on a marketplace such as craigslist. If you have the skills and the passion, use those handy skills to re-finish items and sell them for a profit.

You can also make some good money from the get- go because this hobby does not need a big investment to get started.


Video Games

How to make money from your Hobby Video Games

It may sound more like a dream job than a reality for some. However, making money playing video games has become increasingly popular over the last few years with the help of streaming platforms such as Twitch.tv and YouTube. This is specifically targeted towards people who love gaming and aim to earn a living livestreaming their content.

These are ways you could make money by playing video games:

  • Stream your live gameplay.
  • Sell your accounts.
  • Compete in Esports.
  • Start a Podcast or YouTube Channel.


Craftsmanship and Handmade Products

How to make money from your Hobby Craftsmanship and Handmade Products

This category could include many different things. If you are crafty and have a creative passion for making handmade products, you could easily sell some of your products with the help of online marketplaces such as Etsy. Etsy’s massive marketplace has millions of customers that are looking for handmade, artsy crafted items.

There are many people out there today who are making good money selling their creations on Etsy, and the possibilities of the items you craft are potentially endless.

Some of the items you could consider include:

  • Clothing and accessories.
  • Home Décor.
  • Wedding items.
  • Photographs and artwork.


Cook and Bake

How to make money from your Hobby Cook and Bake

Perhaps you love to cook or bake; creative custom baking is always in demand. There are a few different options to choose from here that have the potential to make you some decent money. You could offer services, such as baking birthday or wedding cakes or baking for kiddie’s parties.

You could use your foodie skills to create an online business, which in turn gives you a lot of flexibility with your working hours and schedule.

You could also potentially teach your skills to other likeminded people who wish to learn how to bake or cook.

Perhaps you are an excellent chef, or you have the creative skill to make some interesting dishes or cakes. You could do catering on the side or even full time or you could make ready-made meals for those busy parents who do not have time to cook but want a balanced healthy meal for the family.

You could also open a restaurant, although the hours are long, and you will need big investment upfront.

Some other ways you could make some money with a cooking or baking include:

  • Baking custom birthday or wedding cakes.
  • Offer cooking classes.
  • Write a recipe book or eBook.
  • Start your own blog, YouTube or Podcast channel.



How to make money from your Hobby Bartend

Bartenders can make some good money through weekend and evening shifts and it’s a fantastic way to make some extra money on the side. If you have a passion for mixing drinks or you just love to mix drinks for people, this can be a great way to earn some money. In most cities around the world there are plenty of bars or restaurants that are looking for good bartenders. Or you could simply bartend at events.


Hospitality B&B

How to make money from your Hobby Hospitality B&B

Maybe you have a passion for hosting and entertaining people? There are a few ways that you could turn this simple hobby into a steady income. Start your own Bed and Breakfast, while it can be time consuming, it can easily be a great way to make some money. Another similar less time-consuming option would be to set up an account with Airbnb and start from there.

Some ways to make money with this hobby would include:

  • Hosting an experience for travellers using Vayable or Withlocals.
  • Offer local tours.
  • Rent out a room on Airbnb.
  • Start a local Bed & Breakfast.


Work with Children

How to make money from your Hobby Work with Children

If you love spending time with kids, there are a few different ways that this could be turned into making decent money. They aren’t exactly lucrative idea’s however; they can still be a source of extra income in your spare time. You could be a babysitter or nanny, start an afterschool program or help tutor children in a variety of different subjects that you are good at.


Start a blog

How to make money from your Hobby Start a blog

Blogging has become a very successful way to make money on the side and some people make a good living out of it. Blogging is fun; however, time is a factor here as a successful blog isn’t going to be successful from the beginning. When you create a blog you essentially are building an asset that you can sell later – if that is what you want to do. Do some research on what makes a blog successful and the topics that people enjoy; match these with your passion and talent.

Some ways to make money from blogging include:

  • Display Advertising such as banners.
  • Google’s AdSense program.
  • Promote other people’s products through affiliate marketing.
  • Sell your own products.
  • Offer services.
  • Publish sponsored content.


Landscaping and Garden Care

How to make money from your Hobby Landscaping and Garden Care

Perhaps you are the type of person who loves being outdoors, anytime, anywhere. Another great idea would be to turn your love for outdoors into money by offering landscaping and garden care. Most of the initial services such as mowing the lawns are simple tasks and don’t necessarily require any amount of real experience. However, other more complex projects such as building a deck or outdoor area would require experience and possibly some qualifications.

If you love being outdoors and have a creative eye for garden care, then this might be the hobby for you to make some extra cash. You could advertise your services on a local marketplace such as craigslist.

Some other ways you could make money by landscaping include:

  • Mow Lawns.
  • Leaf Clean-up.
  • Snow removal.
  • Power washing.

You might also be interested in other business ideas that you can start from home. 


Points to consider

How to make money from your Hobby Consider the following

No matter what your hobby is, when deciding on which has the potential to make you cash, consider the following:

  • Do you have a passion behind the hobby?
  • Are others willing to spend their money on the services you offer?
  • The hobby must be able to provide a product or a service.
  • Is it just a trend or will it stay around? Essentially you would like to create something that can be around for a long term of around 5-10 years, so make sure your product or services are not just a trend for the month.
  • Does it have the potential to be turned into a full-time business?

To end off, monetizing a hobby can be a very fun and rewarding experience. If you have some creative ideas and would like to share these with the world, these are just a few of the idea’s that you could use to turn your passion into a full-time career.

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