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H.B. Fuller


Buy HB Fuller stocks

H.B. FULLER (FUL) Stocks


? H.B. Fuller Company is a leading industrial adhesive company. It develop and manufactures adhesives, coatings, sealants, tapes and several other chemical products.

? It is offered to several markets across the globe, such as medical, automotive, building and construction, filtration, new energy, packaging, microsphere technology, electronics, industrial assembly and repair, paper converting, textiles, polymers, hygiene as well as household and office industries.

? Its brand portfolio offers Advantra, CILBOND, Clarity, Clean Melt, Conforma, Cyberbond Industrial Adhesives, Full-Care Hygiene Products & Adhesives, Rapidex Reactive Hot Melt Adhesive and Thermonex. H.B. Fuller operates through five divisions – Asia Pacific, Americas Adhesives, EIMEA, Engineering Adhesives and Construction Adhesives.

? H.B. Fuller Company is listed on the Fortune 1000. The company employs approximately 6 500 people and is headquartered in Vadnais Heights, Minnesota.


  • In 1887 the Fuller Manufacturing Company is founded by Harvey Benjamin Fuller. Originally the company is a wallpaper-paste shop. In 1887 the company starts manufacturing water and flour paste. In 1915 it changes its name to H.B. Fuller Company.

  • In 1968 the company becomes a publicly company. By 1924 the company adds new formulas for canning to its portfolio.

  • The company’s sales exceed US Dollar 157 000 by 1929. Innovative new hot pick-up adhesives are introduced in 1938.

  • In 1941 Elmer Anderson buys H.B. Fuller. The company quickly expands and sales exceed US Dollar 1 million by 1946.

  • In 1950 it expands with seven plants. H.B. Fuller’s portfolio include nearly 600 adhesive solutions in 1956. During the next few years the company expands to the Bahamas, Africa, Europe, Asia, South America and Canada.

  • In 1964 it merges with 9 other businesses. H.B. Fuller has its initial public offering in 1968 and by 1974 sales exceeds US Dollar 100 million. In 1977 the company distributes dividends of 100 percent.

  • It buys 180 acres in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1978 for its future headquarters. Isar-Rakoll Chemie in Germany is purchased in 1982. The same years the company’s research and development facility is opened.

  • During the next couple of years the company buys numerous businesses and facilities and expands to Australia, Kenia, China, Egypt, India, Turkey, Europe, New Zealand and Brazil.


  • H.B. Fuller Company is committed to providing excellent products and services at affordable prices to its customers around the globe.

  • The company is also committed to global philanthropy and its corporate responsibilities. H.B. Fuller contributes to several organizations and initiatives that support STEM Education and community upliftment.

  • During 2018 H.B. Fuller donates approximately US Dollar 1.3 million to 267 organizations.

  • STEM Education receives US Dollar 256,985, youth leadership development receives US Dollar 48,160 and Arts & Culture is given US Dollar 18,596.

  • The company donates US Dollar 316,045 to education, US Dollar 373,480 to environmental efforts and US Dollar 235,091 to health and human services.


  • H.B. Fuller Company trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the NYSE stock symbol “FUL”.
  • Data analysis for the company’s quarterly period ending June 1, 2019 reports a net revenue of US Dollar 759,583 thousand.
  • Cost of sales are US Dollar 541,124 thousand and gross profit is US Dollar 218,459 thousand. Total assets are US Dollar 4,149,864 thousand. Dividends are US Dollar 8,228 thousand.

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