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? Green Dot Corporation is a bank holding company as well as a financial technology company. Its portfolio offers prepaid MasterCard and Visa cards across the United States and almost 100 000 retail stores such as Rite Aid, Dollar Tree, Walmart, Walgreens and several others.

The company’s subsidiaries include well-known financial, tax and mobile companies such as AccountNow, Loopt, TPG and UniRush.

Green Dot Corporation’s headquarters is located in Pasadena, California. The company employs more than 1 100 people.


  • In 1999 Next Estate Communications is founded by Steve Streit.
  • The company quickly achieves growth and by 2003 its I-GEN cards are sold in more than 18 000 stores across the Unites States.
  • The company changes its name in 2004 to Green Dot Corporation. The same year launches the first cash-accepting network for debit card reloading.
  • More than two million cards are sold by 2006 and the company starts expanding internationally.
  • In 2010 Green Dot has its initial public offering and it starts trading on the New York Stock Exchange. Two years later the company buys Loopt, a mobile location technology company, for the price of US Dollar 43.4 million.
  • During the next year the company launches the first bank that is able to be opened and used from a mobile device, GoBank. In 2016 Uber starts using GoBank’s platform and it creates an opportunity to expand into the platform business.
  • In 2014 Green Dot buys the largest tax refund processor company in America, Santa Barbara Tax Products Group. The same year Green Dot and Walmart enters an agreement and Green Dot offers Walmart customers checking accounts.
  • During 2015 Achieve Card and Account Now Inc. is purchased, two former competitors.
  • In 2017 the company buys UniRush LLC for a price of US Dollar 147 million, adding more than 750 000 cardholders to the company’s portfolio.


  • Green Dot Corporation values its employees, customers, shareholders and communities. Business is conducted with high ethical standards. People are treated with respect and integrity. High earnings and long term value are offered to shareholders and customers.
  • Green Dot Corporation has been recognized in the Benzinga Fintech Awards of 2018 for Solving Problems through Payments. The company’s CEO and founder, Steve Streit, has been nominated for LendIt’s Industry Executive of the Year.


  • Green Dot Corporation trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the NYSE stock symbol “GDOT”.
  • Data analysis for the company’s quarterly period ending June 30, 2019 reports total assets of US Dollar 2,502,048 thousand. Unrestricted cash and cash equivalents are US Dollar 1,096,498 thousand. Net income is US Dollar 34,692 thousand and operating income is US Dollar 43,963 thousand.
  • Total operating revenues are US Dollar 278,326 thousand. Total operating expenses are US Dollar 234,363 thousand.

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