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Graña y Montero S.A.A.


Graña y Montero S.A.A. stocks



? Graña y Montero S.A.A. is a holding company that serves several different industries such as real estate, construction and engineering, oil services and operation of public concessions and business support services.

? Its portfolio includes the exploration and production of oil and natural gas, distribution and storage of combustibles, operation of roads and tails, electric power generation management, real estate development and management, construction and several other services.

? The company has 23 subsidiaries in more than 13 countries in Latin America. Some of these include GMD SA, Promotores Asociados de Inmobiliarios SA, Norvial SA and Survial SA.

? Graña y Montero S.A.A.’s headquarters is located in Lima, Peru.

? The company employs more than 20 000 people in its facilities across locations in Columbia, Chile and Peru.


  • Graña y Montero S.A.A. is founded in 1933 by Alejandro Graña, Carlos Graña and Carlos Montero. The same year the company constructs the city of Talara, Piura.
  • It has 4 322 houses, commercial areas, an airport, school, markets and churches.
  • In 1944 the company buys ECOTEC S.A. During the next few years the company is contracted to build airports, hotels, highways and other buildings.
  • In 2001 the company expands its portfolio and enters the natural gas industry with the Mavinas Gas Plant.
  • In 2010 the company starts expanding internationally. It buys Vial y Vives in Chile and it is added to the company’s Engineering and Construction division.
  • In 2013 it has its initial public offering and starts trading on the New York Stock Exchange. The same year DSD Construcciones y Montajes is purchased.
  • More businesses are purchased and the company quickly expands across Latin America.


  • Graña y Montero S.A.A. values ethical behavior, personnel development, operational excellence, health and safety, the environment and communication.
  • The company operates sustainably and contributes to education, employment, innovation and the development of infrastructure.
  • The company and its employees are actively busy with volunteer programs such as enhancing safer highways, use trains and stations for civic education, generate local employment as well as contributing to Gestión de la Construcción educational program.
  • The company ranks 14th on Peru’s Retaining and Attracting Talent list of Best Companies.
  • It conducts business with ethical standards and creates value for shareholders and customers.


  • Graña y Montero S.A.A. trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the NYSE stock symbol “GRAM”.

  • Data analysis for the company’s second quarter results for 2019 reports revenues of S/ 1,689,244 thousand.

  • Consolidated gross profit is S/ 208,109 thousand, an increase of 8.8 percent. Operational income is S/ 100,533 thousand and net income is S/ 28,388 thousand. EBITDA is S/ 206,189 thousand and adjusted EBITDA is S/ 262,093 thousand.

  • Shares can be purchased now at a good price.

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Louis Schoeman

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