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Gold Fields


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? Gold Fields Limited is a gold production company. Its portfolio includes eight operating mines as well as two developments in Australia.

The company’s operations are located across Peru, South Africa, Ghana and Chile. It is one of the largest in the world in the gold industry and gains growth through acquisitions.

Gold Fields Limited employs nearly 19 000 people and is headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa.


  • In 1887 Gold Fields of South Africa Limited is founded in London by John Rudd and Cecil John Rhodes.
  • In 1892 the company’s name changes to Consolidated Gold Fields of South Africa. It focuses on deep-level gold mining in Witwatersrand. During the next few years the company’s Sub-Nigel, Robinson Deep and Simmer & Jack Gold mines are opened.
  • In 1898 Rhodes and Rudd invests £ 250 000 in the company and it is recognized as the world’s most valuable company.
  • In 1928 the company’s Sub-Nigel mine is one of the world’s richest gold mines after it produces £ 29 million for an investor.
  • By 1929 the company’s interests includes stakes in 2 Australian gold mines as well as 25 other companies across the globe.
  • During the late 1930’s Gold Field tarts expanding its portfolio to Colombia, West Africa, Alaska and New Guinea. With the Republic of South Africa being established in 1961, the company moves into Australian mineral sands mining. It buys American Zinc, Lead and Smelting Company for a price of US Dollar 18 million.
  • In 1989 the company buys the Hanson Group and a few years later Tarkwa mine in Ghana is purchased for a price of US Dollar 3 million.
  • In 1999 Gold Fields purchases 21.5 percent shares in AngloGold and adds Driefontein mine to its portfolio.
  • The company is now the second largest gold producer in the world. Several mines are acquired during the next few years, expanding Gold Field’s portfolio considerably.


  • Gold Fields Limited’s vision is to be the leading gold production company in the world. The company values its shareholders, communities, employees and customers and these values are always kept in mind when making business decisions. It operates responsibly and aims to create value for all parties involved.
  • The company is environmentally responsible and its goal is to minimize it environmental footprint by reducing carbon emissions, conserving energy and certifying operations. It doesn’t use mercury in its processes and fights climate change. The company contributes to communities through volunteer work and financial support.


  • Gold Fields Limited trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the NYSE stock symbol “GFI”.
  • Data analysis for the six months ending June 30, 2019 reports profit attributable to owners of US Dollar 71 million. Normalized profit is US Dollar 126 million. Cash flow from operating activities is US Dollar 49 million. Dividends are R 0.60 (60 SA cents) per share.

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