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Get Paid to Test Websites

Get paid to test websites

Get Paid to Test Websites

Every day new idea’s spring into life – new ideas for websites, products and opportunities. With 1000s of new websites being launched daily, companies around the world are always looking for people to test their websites.

In this article we investigate companies that are looking to hire new website testers, and how you could go about becoming a tester yourself.

Website testers generally are hired to make sure that websites are as easy as possible to navigate. It’s extremely important as a website developer to make sure information and content is as easy as possible for new visitors to access. One of the hardest things website developers struggle with is to ensure their visitors can easily find the content they are looking for.

People needed to test websites

Essentially, a tester is someone who gives a company or developer their opinion about a website. Some websites require the tester to install software, which will help record your activity as accurate as possible. You most likely will also be required to speak about the design of the site, quality and easy of use.

The most important thing as a tester would be to give informative feedback when building the best website possible, that is easy to use, simple and accessible. And the best part of it is; you will get paid for doing so!

What are Website tester requirements?

As a website tester, its important to have an up-to-date PC or laptop, as well as a high-speed internet connection; some sites will also require a webcam. You will be required to speak English and have decent writing skills, as some companies might ask you to write reports after you complete each task that’s assigned.

Some of the top companies that will pay you to test websites


Get paid to test websites UserTesting

UserTesting is the biggest website available for testing out there, and it’s possible to earn anywhere from around US Dollar 10-US Dollar 15 for 20 minutes work. To apply for this website, you will need to submit an email address and get your name into their network.

Before you get to the real assignments however, UserTesting will require you to do a simple sample test to make sure that you’re going to be the right choice for them. Regardless of whether you live in the United States or Internationally, anyone can apply for this line of work. The money that you earn will be directly transferred into a PayPal account, so make sure you have PayPal set up and ready to go.

UserTesting is also a great site if you are a college student looking for an online job.


Get paid to test websites TryMyUI

Its possible that with TryMyUI you can make around US Dollar 10 for around 15 minutes of work. However, before you can get paid you will, just like UserTesting, be required to pass a qualification test. All you need to do for the test is to prove that you fully understand the requirements that come with the process of testing websites.

Once you have been accepted, you will be eligible to receive your payments on a bi-weekly basis through PayPal. This is one of the most popular website testing sites out there today, and the entire process is simple and easy to understand.


Get paid to test websites Enroll

Enroll is another fantastic site. Essentially, it’s a design and development agency that is renowned for their great work. Another great thing about Enroll is that you can take their tests on almost any device be it a phone, tablet or desktop PC.

Like the way UserTesting works, Enroll will make your payments via PayPal. Although, jobs do vary in payment and time. Basically, shorter tests will pay less compared to longer ones, which makes perfect sense. Also, Enroll is run by Zurb which has been rated as one of the best teams around and have been known for the fun they bring into their work. With Enroll you could pretty much earn some extra money just by using your phone on a bus ride.

Enroll also offers great online jobs for teens.


Get paid to test websites TestingTime

Testing Time is another option for you. Although, the process for taking and completing the intro test is a lot longer compared to other sites. Your website tests are also done via Skype, and it can take roughly around 30 to 90 minutes to complete. That means that you will need to invest a lot more time when working on TestingTime.

Once you have completed your review, you can expect to be paid via PayPal within 5-10 days. If you don’t have a skype account, before you sign up to TestingTime make sure you have one.


Get paid to test websites UserZoom

Tests with UserZoom take around the same amount of time as other sites. Roughly it takes 10-20 minutes to complete the test. The great thing about UserZoom is that they’re well known for making payments easy and simple, so you can expect to see your payment within 10-14 working days. Tests done with UserZoom are simple to complete and getting accepted to become a tester is relatively easy.


Get paid to test websites UserFeel

When you work for UserFeel as a tester, you get paid around US Dollar 10 for each test you complete, and this is another great site that is easy to apply for and easy to join. Just like all the other sites, you will need to do a sample test before you get approved. Once you’re done and are accepted, you’ll receive your assignments via email. You will be paid weekly, at the end of each week and your payments will be done via PayPal.


Get paid to test websites Validately

Another great testing site, Validately essentially asks for your validation which you get paid to provide. Tests taken with Validately takes roughly around 5 minutes, they are simple and easy to complete, and you’ll earn US Dollar 5 for each validation you complete.

Something that’s a bit different here compared to all the other sites is that they offer live tests, which means you will essentially be speaking over the phone or sharing your screen with a Validately moderator. You can earn around US Dollar 25 for a 30-minute test and you will be paid within 5 business days.


Get paid to test websites UserLytics

Userlytics essentially provides a little more variety to the website testing scene. You can give your feedback on prototypes, applications and concepts instead of testing traditional websites and optimising user interfaces. You can earn US Dollar 10 for each test you take part in and you will be paid via PayPal. If traditional website testing isn’t really your thing be sure to check out UserLytics.

What Users Do

Get paid to test websites What Users Do


What Users Do is a testing website for all the Englishmen out there. Essentially with What Users Do, you don’t get paid in American dollars, but pounds. So, if you live in the UK and have an interest in website testing, this is the place for you. You can earn around 8 pounds for 20 minutes of testing work.

However, you aren’t required to live in the UK. The only downfall here is that this site unfortunately pays slower compared to other sites. You get paid on the 25th day of each month. However, you can still make some decent money testing here.


Get paid to test websites UserBrain

With UserBain, you will are required to do a series of tasks that allow you to share your thoughts and ideas about different websites. Their tests take around 5-15 minutes to complete, and after you complete each task you will be paid US Dollar 3 via PayPal on a weekly basis.


Get paid to test websites Respondent

Respondent is a research and study platform that conducts a variety of different surveys, website testing and focus group studies. You will first be required to create an account using either your Facebook or LinkedIn profile. You will then need to fill in your demographics, contact information and your current employment status.

Once you have created a profile and you’re signed in, you can start by browsing different projects and choose the ones that are of the most interest to you. You can get paid a whopping US Dollar 40 for 20-minute sessions or US Dollar 100 for 60-minute sessions. Simply log in to check the status of your various pending projects.


Get paid to test websites IntelliZoom

This is another great company. Basically, IntelliZoom conducts various usability tests either on your desktop or your mobile device. You can earn around US Dollar 5 to US Dollar 10 depending on the different types of studies you participate in. Each test roughly takes around 10 to 20 minutes and your payment is sent to you via PayPal within 10 to 14 business days after your test has been completed.

Test 10

If you would like to move from traditional website testing to something more challenging such as Apps and games, then test 10 is the testing site for you. You can earn around US Dollar 50 when you find and report a bug or glitch within their software. You will still get paid for rating and providing your opinion on the apps, however, most of the money is in finding the bugs. You will simply get paid monthly, through Skrill, PayPal, Payoneer or even a direct bank transfer.

Get paid to test websites Test 10

How to get the most out of Website testing

  • Sign up for various website testing jobs due to the fact they are so many out there. It’s important to get yourself out there and broaden your horizons so you can get noticed quickly.
  • You will not have an infinite number of times to pass their initial tests. So, it’s important for this reason that you always try you best, take as much time as you need and deliver quality work. Also, consider creating a copy of your work to insert in a portfolio for future testing jobs you might come across.
  • Even though this work is primarily done online, it’s important to take the job seriously. You want to turn in the best possible work you can on each attempt. Many companies rate their testers with a score, and if your scores are high you will have a better chance of getting more work in the future.
  • Make your work as diverse as you possibly can. Don’t wait around for companies to get in touch with you, instead get hold of focus groups, short tasks and digital earning tasks so you can keep yourself busy. Practice as much as you can to deliver better quality work each time.

Keep in mind that is possible to make some decent money in this line of work, it’s also a relatively easy and flexible way to earn extra money to supplement your income. Now that you know some of the best websites to work for as a website tester get out there and start earning!


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