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Get paid for your mobile photographs

Get paid for your mobile photographs

Get paid for your mobile photographs

Fifty years ago, if you told someone you could take pictures like you can today with a mobile device, they would probably not believe you. Today, smartphones are being constantly upgraded to keep up with our modern digital lifestyles and the best part about it is their affordability.

Everyone can get their hands on a smartphone with a decent camera at an affordable price. And many have taken to photography as a hobby. There are tons of easy methods where you could get paid to take pictures without being a professional or having tons of experience.

Most people don’t exactly realise this hobby can make you some good, easy money.

Below we look at some of the methods, apps, websites you could potentially use to make money from your photographs – even with your smartphone.

There are many different websites and apps out there that assist you to sell your photos online. Whether you are selling pictures as art or uploading photos to be used by others as stock photographs. Whatever the method, it’s still possible to make some decent extra money.

Apps That Pay

Taking Pictures of your Receipts

Get paid for your mobile photographs Taking Pictures of your Receipts

This simple starter idea is probably one of the easiest ways you could make extra money by taking photos with your smartphone. It doesn’t exactly have much creativity involved, however iBotta is a website that pays people to take pictures of their receipts.

It works like this:

  • Sign up for iBotta with your name and email address.
  • The next time you head over to your local grocery store, browse the apps to look at which items offer cash back.
  • Once you have purchased the items you will then need to take a picture of your receipt, then iBotta will give you cash back.

iBotta is a free app that allows you to earn and claim cash back both in-store and online. Best of all the app offers an “any brand” service which gives you cash back for any type of item so you are not constrained, some of these items include milk, bananas, yogurt etc so you aren’t exactly required to have to switch your brand choice if you feel like claiming some extra money back.

Once you have accumulated around US Dollar 20 of coupons, you will be able to cash out the coupons using PayPal or Venmo.

iBotta is also one of the best money-making apps.

Taking pictures of help wanted signs

Get paid for your mobile photographs taking pictures of help wanted signs

I never really knew about this idea until I researched more about it, however, it’s possible for you to snap some pictures of help wanted signs and earn up to US Dollar 1 each from the JobSpotter app. Essentially the app provides a service where anyone can upload hiring signs for points. You will be able to earn anywhere between 10 and 100 points per store sign or store front which you can then redeem and exchange for amazon gift cards.

The app has some decent reviews with a rating of 4.3 stars with 2393 votes and is available on Android and iPhone.


Get paid for your mobile photographs EyeEm

EyeEm is an app that is very similar to Shutterstock or Adobe Stock. However, it was developed for those who want a quick and easy way to get their photos posted online and sold to potential buyers. It’s as easy as downloading the app and you’re on your way.

With EyeEm you can go through your camera roll and automatically select the highest-quality photographs to put them up for sale. Although, you do have the final say on what you choose to sell online or not.

EyeEm is a great and convenient app for those who are looking to make some quick money with their photos. You don’t get to keep much of the profits though. Only 50% of what you make gets paid to you so that’s important to remember.


Get paid for your mobile photographs Clashot

Another great app to upload some photos and earn some extra money is Clashot. While using Clashot, prices on photographs range anywhere from US Dollar 5 to US Dollar 80, so if you potentially have some nice high-quality snaps you would like to make some extra money from, this app is worth a try.

Clashot has a rating of 4.2 stars with 17k total votes. However, the iPhone app took a bit of a hit with only 1.8 stars out of 8 reviews.


Get paid for your mobile photographs Foap

Another great and easy app that assists you with selling your pictures straight from your phone to large companies. It’s pretty like EyeEm, user friendly and you get to keep half of the money you make when your pictures are sold.

One thing about Foap that sets it apart from its competitors is their mission feature. Foap features missions that tell you what exactly companies are looking for, so that you can decide which photos you would like to submit for consideration. If your photographs are chosen, you have a higher chance of a bigger payout.


Get paid for your mobile photographs MiPic

Another decent app to try out is MiPic; one of the easier ways you could sell your photos for money online. All you would need to do is take pictures and upload them to your gallery from your PC or mobile phone, then the team over at MiPic essentially takes care of everything else.

Your photos will then be checked for quality of resolution and they will only show the products that print well. The team over at MiPic will then handle the promotion, printing, shipping and customer service when your photos do sell.

MiPic artists earn up to 20% commission for the work they do. That may be lower than some of the other sites, however its still not a bad way to make some extra passive income.

Also, it would be important to keep in mind that MiPic doesn’t only just sell your photos. They’re selling your pictures which are printed on merchandise. Rather than a 70% commission on a US Dollar 10 photo or US Dollar 7 its possible for you to get 20% for a US Dollar 50 wallpaper print which is 10US Dollar .


Get paid for your mobile photographs Snapwire

This website works a little bit differently compared to other stock photography websites out there today. With Snapwire, you essentially make money with your photos by responding to creative challenges set by their team. You would be required to read the brief and submit your photos online. If your pictures do end up being chosen, you will then get paid.

Your photos also have the chance to be nominated; when a buyer nominates your photos, you will level up for the possible opportunity to compete in Live Buyer Requests and other assignments that are based off commission. Snapwire contributors keep up to 70% of the initial sale on successful requests and Challenges.


Get paid for your mobile photographs Shutterstock

This is one of the biggest stock photograph websites out there today. Shutterstock has paid out more than US Dollar 500 million to photograph contributors in its 15 years in business, making it one of the highest rated stock photo websites around. People have the option to shop from your personalized page, or they can search the site using keywords of their choice. Every time someone downloads one or more of your photos you get paid.

As a bonus, when you rise in earnings, you also simultaneously raise the rate of commission you can earn. The more you earn with Shutterstock the more per-photo commission you’ll earn.

Also, if you take advantage of their referral program and refer a new photographer, you can earn commissions when their work gets sold.

You will be required to submit photos for review, however, once you get approved, you can start earning money straight away.

Shutterstock can also be used as a way to make passive income.

iStock Photos by Getty Images

Get paid for your mobile photographs iStock Photos by Getty Images

iStock is relatively like the way that Shutterstock works. iStock requires you to apply before you become accepted as a photographer. Once you have become approved you can begin earning royalties on the photographs that you manage to sell via the site. Royalty rates with iStock start at 15%.

This is a great way to earn some additional passive income if you have some nice snaps to share, once the photos are uploaded your work is done.


Get paid for your mobile photographs Snapped4U

Unlike some of the other stock photography websites out there today that have a variety of themed photos, Snapped4U only wants photographs of your events such as, weddings, concerts, event portraits etc. Usually, people will visit Snapped4U to purchase pictures taken of them.

Perhaps you live in a highly toured area, you could potentially offer to take pictures of travellers and let them know where to find their photos online. All you would need to do is upload your pictures and set the price up to around on average US Dollar 20 each. Snapped4U then sells the jpeg files directly to your customers.

Working as a real Estate Photographer

Get paid for your mobile photographs Working as a real Estate Photographer

Another way you could earn some decent money by taking photographs is to offer your services to real estate agents. Realtors are always looking for new people to take attractive and good-looking images for their listings.

A great photo can help massively with the sale of a home. However, not just anyone has what it takes at figuring out different angles and lighting for getting the perfect property shot. This is where realtors like to hire local people who take great photos of the houses they list. In turn your photographs look fantastic on real estate websites and the clients in turn are also happy that their homes look great in the photographs.

If this is something that interests you, consider starting your own business, practice taking photos of your own home while in turn experimenting with different angles, lighting techniques etc. A nice practice method would be to take several different photos of a room to see which angle presents the room in the best possible light.

After you have had enough practice and you have perfected your skill, try reaching out to real estate agencies, share your sample photos so they can see your work. If you are chosen, be prepared to provide services as fast as possible. Realtors need to get their listings on the market ASAP, so timeliness is key.

Selling your photos as Art

Get paid for your mobile photographs Selling your photos as Art

Stock photographs aren’t the only way to sell your photos online for some decent money. If your photos are more on the creative and artistic side than the average stock photo, you may want to sell your pictures online but classified as art. There are numerous easy ways you could upload and sell your artistic photos online such as:

  • Etsy – one of the biggest online marketplaces which specializes in handmade and personalized goods, many people around the world use Etsy every day to shop for new artwork for their home or business, so it would be a great place to sell any type of your photos online. You can essentially set up your own little online shop and start selling your photography.
  • Fotomoto – While Etsy is convenient for beginners, Fotomoto is great if you’re more interested in creating a thriving photography business. Unlike Etsy, Fotomoto isn’t an online marketplace, it’s a service that handles orders, then prints and ships the photos for you.

With a little hard work and a few simple tools. You could start earning money by selling your photographs online. So, if you have the creative skills and a keen eye for taking pictures, consider taking the time to go through some of these suggestions and see how much you can get paid for uploading your images.

Also, the better your skills as a photographer, the more money you can make taking pictures with your phone. It’s possible to earn money selling your pictures online so pick your favourite and get started right now.

You can also use your mobile photos for your travel blog, 1 of the jobs you can do while traveling.

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