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GalaxyBlitz Reviewed

Buy Galaxy Blitz cryptocurrency


Individuals and investors around the world, regardless of whether they are into gaming or not, have started seeing the rising value in Nonfungible Tokens (NFTs) and the potential they have in real-world applications and gaming.

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A Quick Overview of our GalaxyBlitz Review:



Game Finance, or GameFi, can be explained as a growing intersection associated with decentralized finance as well as the gaming industry. This has seen mass attention from the overall crypto community in addition to prominent gaming guilds.


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Individuals and investors around the world, regardless of whether they are into gaming or not, have started seeing the rising value in Nonfungible Tokens (NFTs) and the potential they have in real-world applications and gaming.

The NFT-game industry has seen an explosion recently while NFT product sales have reached some of the highest levels, surging to over $10.7 billion in the third quarter of 2022. There have been unprecedented increases in the registration of crypto wallets linked directly to blockchain gaming, which is now more than 750,000, with increases forecasted for the next few months.

Game Finance, or GameFi, can be explained as a growing intersection associated with decentralized finance as well as the gaming industry. This has seen mass attention from the overall crypto community in addition to prominent gaming guilds.

The play-to-earn (P2E) gaming model has become increasingly popular because it rewards participants in gaming cryptocurrency. Major gaming developers are keeping a close eye on blockchain technology and the benefits that it could hold for future projects.


An Introduction to GalaxyBlitz

GalaxyBlitz is a new play-to-earn (P2E) combat and nonfungible token (NFT) strategy game. The game is based on blockchain technology that is player-centric and aims to improve the overall user experience, bringing the overall Metaverse gaming experience to the player.

GalaxyBlitz is considered the blockchain version of Clash of Clans, which is one of the most popular mobile strategy games in the world, with over 10 million active players.

In addition, GalaxyBlitz also combines elements from Axie Infinity, which is currently one of the most popular P2E games that incorporate in-game NFT characters, or Axies, by creating NFT in-game characters, making GalaxyBlitz one of the projects with the most potential right now.

GalaxyBlitz forms part of the Metaverse by providing a combat-strategy blockchain game that incorporates a universal theme, combining real-world and usable tokens with high-octane gameplay, an extensive history as well as lore for an overall improved player experience.


Business Model and Products

GalaxyBlitz’s revenue streams are derived from game agreements in addition to NFT sales. The project is different to other initiatives, and it features a P2E combat strategy NFT game. The timeline of the game is set centuries into the future, featuring four unique and highly evolved descendants of humanity who fight battles for dominance.

These battles take place on land as well as in deep space and virtual assets include characters and content. Players can have ownership of these NFTs, and the game’s progression is stored by incorporating comprehensive decentralized blockchain technology.

A unique feature of the game is that players can “blitz” the home base of other characters, allowing them to loot up to 20% of the assets of these players if they are successful. In addition, players can earn different tokens by participating in battles and by yield farming.

Participants can establish factions consisting of other players, helping them build stronger teams in the metaverse where they can participate in raids, conquering one base at a time and leading their faction to overall galactic dominance.

Regards that players can earn through gameplay include MIT tokens and a wide range of NFTs that can either be sold or exchanged for other crypto assets or converted to fiat currency.



The largest advantage of GalaxyBlitz revolves around its diversification gameplay model. GalaxyBlitz is a large P2E combat strategy blockchain-based game that prioritizes player experience in addition to the P2E function.

GalaxyBlitz combines real-world and usable tokens with high-octane gameplay, an extensive history, and high lore ratios to ensure that players have the best possible experience. The development and management team behind GalaxyBlitz is committed to ensuring that all players have the most innovative and immersive gaming experience.

One of the key features that the development team is looking to explore and add involves augmented reality (AR) technology, enabling further immersion and improvement of the overall experience.

Keeping in mind that AR is one of the prominent components of the metaverse, the team behind GalaxyBlitz has made it a key component in the project’s development plan, with the pre-sale NFTs providing support to AR.

In addition, the team behind GalaxyBlitz has built a fully-realized world in 3D, making virtual reality (VR) a comfortable fit that can be implemented into the game, ensuring that players have access to one of the most immersive virtual worlds.

One of the key goals of GalaxyBlitz revolves around making the native token of the game, $MIT, a Carbon-Neutral Token, which means that the team must collaborate with strategic partners to ensure that there is environmental protection.


Unique Technology and Game Development

GalaxyBlitz incorporates a wide range of different technological innovations and components into its overall architecture. The team behind GalaxyBlitz is committed to ensuring that players are provided with the most innovative gaming experience.

Two of the key components that GalaxyBlitz aims to incorporate into its gaming universe relate to the ability to use AR technology. By achieving this, GalaxyBlitz can provide players with an improved immersive experience. By including AR, players can easily transfer their favourite Heroes, Spaceships, and Superweapons anywhere in the real world.

The second component involves virtual reality, and it is an ideal addition because GalaxyBlitz is already three-dimensional, making epic space and ground battles possible.

Currently, GalaxyBlitz is at 70% completion, with a gameplay demo released in November and the NFT presale planned for mid-December. The official game launch is planned for the First Quarter of 2022.


Information on the Development Team of GalaxyBlitz

  • Diana (Co-Founder) is the marketing mastermind of the project who graduated from the Vaasa University of Finland with a degree in Strategic Business Development. Diana has an impressive background in marketing and technology, with a deep love of all things blockchain-related.
  • Cooper (Co-Founder) is the proud owner of CryptoKitties and Loot who graduated from the University of Canada. Cooper is committed to ensuring that GalaxyBlitz becomes one of the most prominent names in the metaverse.
  • Clement (Co-Founder) has extensive knowledge and experience in blockchain-specific projects. Clement graduated from the American Business School of Paris, after which he joined the Huawei smartphone division in France. Clement started his journey into blockchain technology in 2017 and he considers GalaxyBlitz as a gamechanger in the GameFi sector.
  • Allen (CTO) takes responsibility for the back-end developments relating to GalaxyBlitz, having started his gaming career in 2012. Allen was involved with the original coding of Clash of Clans, making him the most suitable choice to code GalaxyBlitz.
  • Tutu (Lead Designer and Art Director) has more than 15 years’ of experience in relevant industries, including game planning and metaverse design.
  • Wheat (Head of Planning) has experience in GameFi as well as P2E.
  • Gavin (Project Lead) is the largest gamer on the GalaxyBlitz team who has extensive experience in blockchain technology, especially in DeFi. In addition to this, Gavin is an NFT collector, and he has strategic relationships with prominent experts in blockchain technology.



GalaxyBlitz has the following roadmap that relates to the overall project plan, anticipation project completion, the launch of products, and future listing/licencing plans for $MIT:

  • The plan is that the game will be launched within the first quarter of 2022
  • The private round of sales started in mid-November and the IDO is set to take place during the first and second quarters of 2022


Token Economy


The total supply of $MIT is 100 million tokens that have the following distribution:

  • Early supporters will receive 4% during the Seed fund round
  • Private Round – 10% or at least $80 million
  • IDO round – 2% with a valuation of between $150 to $200 million
  • Series-A Round – to raise 4% with a value of $20 million
  • The treasury of GalaxyBlitz will receive 10%
  • 4% of the total supply will be allocated for liquidity on the platform
  • In-game rewards have a total of 55% of the total supply that will be allocated for P2E rewards, design-to-earn rewards, community incentives, and referral bonuses.


Token Spending

The spending plan on MIT tokens relates to the following:

  • 45% of the total funds will be dedicated towards development team expenditures
  • 45% of the total funds will be reserved for marketing strategies as well as intellectual property cooperation
  • 7% of funds will be dedicated towards legal affairs and any additional expenses
  • 3% of funds will be dedicated towards general expenses



MIT is the native token of GalaxyBlitz, and it can be exchanged with other ERC-20 tokens that run on the Ethereum blockchain.

MIT tokens can be converted into any given resource in-game according to a predetermined ratio, depending on the output of the game and players must note that the amount of MIT that can be obtained in-game is limited.


Unlocking Mechanisms

The Seed Round involves a lock-up period of 60 days in addition to 24 months dedicated to vesting with linear monthly releases. The Private Round will unlock 5% after 7 days, with 60 days lock-up and 16 months vesting, including a linear monthly release.


Release plan on liquidity

The listing plan on major cryptocurrency exchanges for GalaxyBlitz is as follows:

  • Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) – Uniswap, PancakeSwap, SushiSwap, Curve, and ShibaSwap
  • Centralized exchanges (CEX) – OKEx, FTX, Kraken, BitMEX, Gemini, and Bitstamp


Financing Round

The information on financing rounds for GalaxyBlitz thus far relate to the following metrics:

  • There are currently two rounds planned, with the Seed round raising 4% to the valuation of 20 million, with this round already closed.
  • The Private round is planned and aims to reach a value of $80 million, raising 10% of funds.
  • The IDO valuation aims to raise 2% of funds, between $150 to $200 million.


GalaxyBlitz Gameplay Explained

Building a Strategy

GalaxyBlitz allows participants to devise some of the best combat strategies to try and defeat their enemies in an innovative universe. The strategies that players can use will be developed according to the unique skillset of each of the four in-game races.


Players can choose between any of the four races:

  • Mechanical Lifeform
  • Silicone-based Lifeform
  • High-energy Lifeform
  • Elemental Lifeform


Each of these lifeforms has unique skills, habitats, resources, weapons, and features with certain strengths and weaknesses. Players can choose their lifeforms and participate in battles that can occur on land or in space, using NFT starships that can travel across the galaxy.

Battles on land can take place on the surface of contested planets while space battles occur between starships that have unique characteristics, weapons, and combat options.

During battles, users can leverage the unique skills of their NFT heroes in combination with weapons and other features, helping them conquer the defences of their enemies.

While the outcome of battles will depend on the character of the player and how they leverage their hero’s skills, another factor relates to the strategic placement of the player’s defensive structures and the strength thereof.


Creating a Strategic Force

In-game resources can be gathered and farmed, or players can purchase components using MIT. These resources can then be used to build different structures that serve as the player’s home base that they must defend.

Players can create soldiers and ground units that can be used to defend their stations against the onslaught of other players who want to loot their base. MIT tokens can also be used in-game to speed up certain processes involved with resource farming, upgrading of structures, units, and minting rare resources when players stake their tokens.

Players also could mint proprietary NFTs that can either represent characters, starships, or game-changing weapons that can either be used in-game by the player, or it can be sold or exchanged.

NFT components such as resources, units, and weapons in GalaxyBlitz are more resilient than typical non-NFT units in the game. These NFTs can weather significant battle damage and while they are stronger, they are not impervious to damage, but they can be repaired or healed when users spend MIT.




What are NFTs?

Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) are unique digital assets that represent ownership of tokens that are based on real-world objects.


What are P2E games?

P2E games reward participants when they play games. Gamers can earn NFTs, tokens, and other rewards from playing games, boosting the widespread adoption of NFTs and blockchain technology, subsequently increasing the acceptance of cryptocurrencies.


When is GalaxyBlitz set to launch?

GalaxyBlitz is at 70% completion, with a gameplay demo released in November and the NFT presale planned for mid-December. The official game launch is planned for the First Quarter of 2022.


What is the native token of GalaxyBlitz?

The native token of GalaxyBlitz is MIT and it has a total supply of 100 million MIT.


How does GalaxyBlitz relate to the metaverse?

GalaxyBlitz is inherently three-dimensional, and development is set to include AR and VR capabilities, key components needed in the metaverse.

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