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? EnPro Industries, Inc. is an industrial company that provides high quality products and services to more than 40 industries such as power generation, oil and gas, mining, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, aerospace and chemical processing.

? Its portfolio offers a wide variety of applications that is used in chemical plants, navy ships, oil wells, semiconductors, jet engines, tractor trailer trucks and numerous others. EnPro has more than 60 manufacturing facilities in 12 countries around the globe. These countries include North America, South America, Asia Pacific, Singapore, Mexico, Europe, China and Brazil.

? EnPro’s subsidiaries include Compressor Products International, Garlock Sealing Technologies, STEMCO, Fairbanks Morse, GGB Bearing Technology and Technetics Group.

? EnPro Industries, Inc. has approximately 6 000 employees and is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States.


  • In 1998 Goodrich Corporation buys businesses from Coltec Industries and makes it part of its Engineered Industrial Products business. In 2002 some of these businesses (Garlock Sealing Technologies, Fairbanks Morse Engine, STEMCO, Quincy Compressor and GGB Bearing Technology) are spun off from Goodrich Corporation to create a new company, EnPro Industries, Inc.
  • In 2003 EnPro purchases a Colorado company that manufactures high pressure gaskets, Pikotek Inc.
  • In 2007 the company buys Compressor Products International, a supplier of compressor components and lubrication systems, to expand its Technetics Group.
  • During 2001 EnPro buys Tara Technologies in Florida, adding engineered products for semiconductor, medical, energy and aerospace markets to its portfolio.
  • During the next few years the company purchases several companies, including Motorwheel Commercial Vehicle Systems, Rubber Fab Gasket & Molding. Inc., the Aseptic Group and several others. These develop the company’s portfolio greatly, adding high-performance fluid handling, sanitary gaskets, high-purity hose assemblies, steel brake shoes, land based turbines and other products and services.
  • It also creates opportunities for the company to expand into other areas of the United States, France and Taiwan.


  • EnPro Industries, Inc.’s values include the safety of its employees. The company provides a safe and healthy work environment. It continuously strives for better performance in the business and individual behavior, conducting business with high ethics, respect and integrity.
  • EnPro invests in human development such as workshops that in turn creates financial returns for the company. Only high-quality products are offered to customers and can be purchased at affordable prices.
  • The company and its employees support local organizations and it matches employee donations with up to $ 1,000 per employee every year. More than $ 1.1 million has been raised by the company to support United Way.
  • Other organizations that benefit from the company’s contributions are American Cancer Society, Millington Needy Families Fund, Habitat for Humanity, Houston Food Bank and D.O.R.S. Youth Transition Center, just to name a few.


  • EnPro Industries, Inc. trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the NYSE stock symbol “NPO”.
  • Data analysis for the company’s quarterly period ending June 30, 2019 reports net sales of $ 387.0 million. Gross profit is $ 125.1 million and total operating expenses are $ 84.8 million. Operating income is $ 40.3 million. Net income is $ 23.9 million. Cash dividends are $ 0.25 per share.