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Overall, ECN BROKER is a regulated and credible broker. It has a trust score of 50 out of 100 and is considered fairly low-risk trading. ECN Broker offers 1 accredited retail trading account.


🔎 Broker🥇 ECN BROKER
📝 RegulationFinancial Services Authority of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
💻 Trading DeskMT4
🎉 Sign Up BonusNone
➖ Min. Deposit from$1 USD / R 16 ZAR
🔁 Spreads from0.0 Pips
➕ Max Leverage1:1000
💳 Commission Yes
🛑 Inactivity FeeNo
🚀 Open an Account👉 Click Here


Overall Rating


Rated #372 of
Recommended FX Brokers

💰Minimum Deposit


🌐 Regulators


📱 Trading Desk

MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5



📈 Total Pairs

☪️ Islamic Account


📊 Trading Fees


🕒 Account Activation Time

24 Hours

🏛️ Visit Broker


ECN BROKER Review – 20 Key Point Quick Overview:


  1. ☑️ECN BROKER Overview
  2. ☑️ECN BROKER Safety and Security
  3. ☑️ECN BROKER Sign-Up Bonus
  4. ☑️ECN BROKER Minimum Deposit
  5. ☑️ECN BROKER Accounts
  6. How to Open an ECN BROKER Account – Step by Step Guide
  7. ECN BROKER Islamic Account
  8. ECN BROKER Demo Account
  9. ECN BROKER Trading Platforms
  10. ECN BROKER Fees, Spreads, and Commission
  11. ECN BROKER Available Instruments
  12. ECN BROKER Deposit and Withdrawal
  13. ECN BROKER Partnership Options
  14. ECN BROKER vs XM vs OctaFX – A Comparison
  15. ECN BROKER Customer Reviews
  16. ECN BROKER Current Popularity Trend
  17. ECN BROKER Pros and Cons
  18. ECN BROKER Conclusion
  19. ECN BROKER Disclaimer
  20. Frequently Asked Questions




ECN Broker Review


ECN BROKER is a forex broker company in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.


Finding a reputable ECN BROKER review local or worldwide can be a difficult process, especially finding a complete list from a trustworthy reputable source.


Below is an in-depth review regarding ECN BROKER to help you make an informed decision before opening your account or trading on their platform.


A Forex broker like ECN BROKER provides traders with access to one or more platforms that will allow them to buy and sell foreign currencies. Forex brokers are also known as retail or currency trading brokers. Retail currency traders in turn use these broker companies to gain access to the 24-hour currency market for speculation purposes.


Forex broker services can also be provided for institutional clients and large companies such as investment banks.


ECN BROKER is a Forex broker with its head office in Kingston and registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, hence a so-called offshore broker.


According to its website ECN BROKER however aims to operate in an environment that is as transparent and honest as possible, with no limitations between the market and the trader.


ECN BROKER promises direct Electronic Communication Network (ECN) interaction with liquidity providers anywhere in the world, for traders to review and follow strategies of the world’s best traders.


The broker provides clients with access to a large variety of financial instruments, all of them which were selected and tested by leading experts from around the world.


ECN BROKER Safety and Security


ECN Broker Regulated


ECN BROKER is licensed and regulated by multiple leading international governing bodies, allowing ECN Broker clients to trade with financial security.


ECN BROKER is incorporated and registered by the Financial Services Authority of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.


🔎 Regulatory Authority📌 Abbreviation🌎 Country
🥇 Financial Services Authority of Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesFSASVGSaint Vincent


ECN BROKER Sign-Up Bonus


ECN Broker Sign up advantages


ECN BROKER does not at this time (2022) offer a Sign-Up Bonus,  Welcome bonus, or the advantage/profits of a no-deposit bonus with first-time sign-up or account registration.  ECN BROKER does offer periodic competitions and profitable events.


🔎 Broker🥇 ECN BROKER
🎉 Sign Up Bonus❌ No
🤝 Partnership / Affiliated Option✅ Yes
🚀 Open an Account👉 Click Here


ECN BROKER Minimum Deposit


ECN Broker Minimum Deposit amount


The minimum deposit amount required to register an ECN BROKER Professional live trading account is $1 USD. This minimum deposit amount required for Standard Account registration will depend on the payment system chosen.


🔎 Account💰 Min Deposit🚀 Open an Account
📌 Standard$1 USD / R 16 ZAR 👉 Click Here


Overall Rating


Rated #372 of
Recommended FX Brokers

💰Minimum Deposit


🌐 Regulators


📱 Trading Desk

MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5



📈 Total Pairs

☪️ Islamic Account


📊 Trading Fees


🕒 Account Activation Time

24 Hours

🏛️ Visit Broker




ECN Broker Accounts


ECN BROKER provides 3 account types, ECN, ECN Fix, ECN Mini, and risk-free Demo account options.  The minimum deposit amount required to register an ECN BROKER Professional live trading account is $1 USD / R 16 ZAR


🔎 Account❤️ Best Suited To / Offers💰 Min Deposit🚀 Open an Account
📌 ECNAll Traders$50 USD / R 800 ZAR👉 Click Here
📌 ECN FixAll Traders$50 USD / R 800 ZAR 👉 Click Here
📌 ECN MiniAll Traders$1 USD / R 16 ZAR 👉 Click Here


How to Open an ECN BROKER Account – Step by Step Guide


1.  Step 1:  Start Process


To open an account, navigate to the ECN BROKER website and select the option to “Start Trading”


ECN Broker Opening an account


2.  Step 2: Complete Information


Complete the personal information requested and select “Register”


ECN Broker Complete Personal information


3.  Step 3:  Account verification


Verification of account registration will be sent to the completed email address. Once the account is verified traders can log in and start trading.


ECN Broker Log in request


ECN BROKER Islamic Account


ECN Broker Advantages


ECN BROKER does not offer Islamic swap-free trading on the Standard account.


🔎 Broker🥇 ECN BROKER
☪️ Islamic AccountX No
☑️ Accounts OfferedStandard
🚀 Open an Account👉 Click Here


ECN BROKER Demo Account


EXN Broker Demo account


ECN BROKER does offer a free demo trading account for beginners to practice forex trading in a 100% risk-free environment. The ECN BROKER demo account expires after 30 days.


🔎 Broker🥇 ECN BROKER
🆓 Demo Account✅ Yes
💸 Virtually FundedNot indicated
💻 Terminal AccessFull
🚀 Open an Account👉 Click Here



ECN BROKER Trading Platforms


ECN Broker MetaTrader 4


The forex trading software, also called the platform, provided by a broker company to its clients to carry out their trades can be a multi-asset one that allows clients to trade forex as well as other asset classes like CFDs on stocks, stock indices, precious metals, and cryptocurrencies.


Some companies provide their own proprietary platform, which may benefit traders due to specific characteristics developed by specialists employed by the broker, while others prefer to provide the better-known platforms that were tried and tested over time. If there is a choice, the trader should keep in mind what he would like to trade and find the platform that suits his needs best.


ECN BROKER provides MetaTrader 4 (MT4) with its wide possibilities, advanced technical analysis, a flexible trading system, algorithmic trading, and trading advisors.


ECN BROKER also provides a MetaTrader 4 mobile version, which is a fully functional application for all mobile devices, including tablets. It is optimized for Chrome on Android and iOS and provides all features and benefits, including a single account for all types of devices.


With its help, a trader can completely control his trading account, get access from anywhere in the world at any time and use all MetaTrader 4 execution modes and orders.


Also available is Risk Allocation and Money Management (RAMM), a secure investment service that creates profit on financial markets by following the trading strategies of experienced traders.


All copied orders are executed instantly at market prices to ensure high copy accuracy and better earning potential, especially for high-frequency traders.


The platform has an intuitive interface, which simplifies the process of making a profit and protects capital from unpredictable losses. The system calculates the lot size for copying signals based on the proportions of investments and capital.


At the end of each trading period, after the close of the trading session, all traders of the RAMM service automatically accrue profits for the week.


ECN BROKER Fees, Spreads, and Commission



ECN Broker Fees and Commissions

The cost of trading depends on different factors like commissions, spreads, and margins.


The spread of a currency pair is the difference between the bid and the asking rate. A pip represents the smallest increment that an exchange rate can move. One pip is 0.01 for currency pairs with JPY as the term currency and 0.0001 for all other pairs.


The amount of money required in your account to open a position is called the margin. It is calculated according to the current price of the base currency against USD, the size (volume) of the position, and the leverage applied to your account.


Commissions are the charges imposed by an investment broker on a trader for making trades on the trader’s behalf. The level of commissions depends on the asset being traded and the type of service offered by the broker.


Execution-only brokers, which do not involve in personal investment advice and give traders complete control over how they trade the markets, usually charge lower commissions.


While the contract for differences (CFDs) trading is a form of derivative trading that enables traders to speculate on the rising or falling prices of fast-moving global financial markets, it’s trading on shares will incur a commission. CFD trades on other markets have no commission but do wrap a spread around the market price of a certain instrument.


ECN BROKER offers floating spreads (from 0.0 pips) on certain accounts and fixed on others. ECN Account spreads float from 0,0 pips, ECN Fixed Accounts spreads are fixed at 3 pips and there is no commission, while the ECN Mini Account spreads are floating from 1.2 (point) and commission is also zero.


🔎 Account💰 Min Deposit🔁 Spreads from💳 Commission
🥇 Standard📌 $1 USD / R 16 ZAR0.0 pipsNone


ECN BROKER Available Instruments


ECN Broker Trading Instruments


Most brokers offer all or some of the following market instruments for trading:



Forex trading, or currency or FX trading, involves the currency exchange market where individuals, companies, and financial institutions exchange currencies for one another at floating rates.



As with currency exchange markets, commodity markets offer trading in contract-based tradable goods.



Equity or stock indices can represent a specific set of the largest companies of a nation or they can represent a specific stock market. It is actual stock market indexes that measure the value of a specific section of a stock market.


Precious metals:

This involves the trading of gold, silver, and other precious metals as hard commodities that are contract-based tradable.



The high volatility of energy prices due to political, environmental, and several other factors, is a typical feature of this product, making it a popular trading choice.



Tradable cryptocurrencies include the following:

  • Bitcoin (BTC) is the digital currency with the largest market capitalization and price levels and dominates 50% of the total crypto market cap.
  • Litecoin (LTC) is similar to Bitcoin but differs in terms of scalability.
  • Ethereum (ETH) is the second-largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin and allows developers to create smart contracts on a platform.
  • Ripple (RPL) is popular among big banks with the Ripple network a next-generation real-time gross settlement system.
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was created as a new version of the blockchain with different rules.
  • ECN BROKER offers the following of the above for trading: Forex, Metals, CFD indices, CFD commodities, and CFD stocks


ECN BROKER Deposit and Withdrawal


ECN Broker Withdrawals


The minimum deposit amount needed to open an ECN account is $250, for an ECN Fixed Account it is 100$ and for a Mini Account, it is only 1$.


ECN BROKER does not charge a fee for depositing or withdrawing funds but depending on the bank and method used there may be cost involved. More details about commissions as well as detailed information about the methods of funding a trading account will be available once a customer logs into his trading account.


ECN BROKER Partnership Options


ECN Broker Partnership


ECN BROKER offers two Partnership options in the form of the Introducing Broker Program and an Affiliate Option.  With the IB Options, participants can earn up to 40% of the brokers’ revenue for every active trader referred.


ECN BROKER vs XM vs OctaFX – A Comparison


🔎 Broker🥇 ECN BROKER🥈 XM🥉 OctaFX
📝 RegulationFinancial Services Authority of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines📌 IFSC, ASIC, CySECFSA
➕ Max Leverage1:10001:8881:500
☪️ Islamic AccountNoYesYes
🆓 Demo AccountYesYesYes
💻 Trading PlatformMT4 📌 MT4MT4 / MT5
🚀 Open an Account👉 Click Here👉 Click Here👉 Click Here


ECN BROKER Customer Reviews


ECN Broker Trustpilot Rating

Guys here is one of the top affiliates…

Guys here is one of the top affiliate programs, be sure that you have checked the affiliate terms of this broker before participating in other ones

ECN Broker Green stars


This is the best site

this is the best site
Very good


ECN Broker Green stars


scam broker

scam broker, my client wd profit & capital ± $ 3000 not paid for unclear reasons


ECN Broker Red Trust stars


ECN BROKER Current Popularity Trend


According to Google Trends, here is an overview of how frequently the search term “ECN BROKER” is entered into Google’s search engine over a given period of time.


ECN Broker Geographic


ECN BROKER Pros and Cons


✔️ Pros❌ Cons
ECN brokerOffshore broker
High leverage ratio availableNot regulated by reputable authority
Higher bid and lower ask prices.
Tighter spreads.
Direct trading and better liquidity
Brokers cannot trade against their clients


ECN BROKER Conclusion


ECN BROKER claims to use modern solutions for high-speed processing of orders, accounts with low spreads that start from 0 points, and the best liquidity providers to protect traders from many trading risks.


Overall Rating


Rated #372 of
Recommended FX Brokers

💰Minimum Deposit


🌐 Regulators


📱 Trading Desk

MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5



📈 Total Pairs

☪️ Islamic Account


📊 Trading Fees


🕒 Account Activation Time

24 Hours

🏛️ Visit Broker


ECN BROKER Disclaimer


ECN BROKER warns potential traders that Forex and CFDs trading always carries a high level of risk, therefore may not be suitable for all investors.


Before clients decide to trade the products offered by ECN BROKER, they are advised to contemplate their investment objectives, financial situation, needs, and level of experience carefully before investing money that they cannot afford to lose.


Especially when traders use ECN BROKER’s leveraged accounts, they should make sure to maintain a sufficient level of margin to sustain their positions, since trading Forex/CFD and Options on margin and using a higher than necessary leverage can be either beneficial or detrimental to a trader. It is always possible to sustain a loss of some or all of an initial investment.


While ECN BROKER promises to make all efforts to fill a trade at the requested price, trading online does not necessarily reduce risks associated with currency trading, therefore quotes and trades are usually subject to the terms and conditions of a Client Agreement, which is accessible through the broker’s website.


Potential traders should first acquaint themselves with all these associated risks and seek advice from an independent financial advisor.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the overall rating out of 10 for ECN BROKER?

The overall rating for ECN BROKER is 5/10


Is ECN BROKER safe or a scam?

ECN BROKER is only regulated by the Financial Services Authority of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.


Which platforms are supported by ECN BROKER?

ECN BROKER provides the following popular trading platforms:

  • MetaTrader 4


Does ECN BROKER offer leverage?

ECN BROKER offers maximum leverage of up to 1: 1000.


What spreads can I expect with ECN BROKER?

ECN BROKER offers different spreads on its various accounts. ECN BROKER offers spreads from 0.0 pips.

Author Details

Louis Schoeman

Louis Schoeman

Featured Forex and Stocks writer

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