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? Deluxe Corporation provides growth solutions for financial institutions and small businesses. Its portfolio offers email marketing, website development and hosting, logo design, fraud protection services, social media and search engine optimization.

The company also provides financial technology solutions, forms offerings and industry-leading checks. Promotional products, business supplies, packaging and shipping supplies, custom apparel and printing materials are also provided.

More than 5 100 financial institutions and 4.8 million businesses make use of the company’s wide variety of products and services. Deluxe has hosted approximately 1 million websites for its customers and has nearly 300 distributor franchises and call centers across the Unites States and Canada.

Deluxe Corporation’s headquarters is in Shoreview, Minnesota. The company employs nearly 5 900 people. It has several subsidiaries, including Checks Unlimited, McBee and New England Business Services.


  • In 1915 W.R. Hotchkiss founds Deluxe Check Printers. In 1920 the company is incorporated as Deluxe Corporation. It launches The Hotchkiss Imprinting Press in 1923, doubling the speed of presses. During the Second World War the company provides ration coupons to the United States Military.
  • In 1952 the company establishes the Deluxe Foundation to support communities and organizations. The magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) for checks are invented in 1959, assisting the automated banking process.
  • Deluxe starts trading publicly in 1965. The company’s sales exceed US Dollar 100 million in 1971. It invents computer operated press in 1985, which is more price efficient to customers. Deluxe buys its first company, New England Business Services, Inc., in 2004.
  • The purchase of Safeguard and Bags & Bows follows shortly after, expanding its portfolio greatly.
  • By 2008 the company buys technology companies such as VerticalResponse, aplus.net and Hostopia to assist small companies in the online industry.
  • It adds financial services to its portfolio with the purchase of Banker’s Dashboard and Cornerstone Solutions in 2011. The same year it buys PsPrint, an online printing company, as well as a marketing firm, OrangeSoda.


  • Deluxe Corporation’s goal is to provide trustworthy technology solutions that will enable its customers to achieve excellent relationships with their clients.
    The company contributes to communities and organizations through its Deluxe Corporation Foundation.
  • It has awarded more than 1 900 scholarships and US Dollar 25 million to children and other dependents of company employees.
  • The foundation has contributed more than US Dollar 109 million to charities and organizations through the years. Deluxe supports the American Red Cross and makes a yearly donation of US Dollar 100 000 to help when natural disasters occur.
  • Deluxe also donates additional funds to the organization when needed.


  • Deluxe Corporation trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the NYSE stock symbol “DLX”.
  • Data analysis for the company’s quarterly period ending June 30, 2019 reports a total revenue of US Dollar 493,986 thousand. Total assets are US Dollar 2,314,038 thousand and net income is US Dollar 32,582 thousand. Cash and cash equivalents are US Dollar 66,732 thousand.
  • Operating income is US Dollar 51,824 thousand and gross profit is US Dollar 291,458 thousand. Cash dividends are US Dollar 13,296 thousand, US Dollar 0.30 per share.

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