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DCC plc


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DCC PLC (DCC) Shares


DCC plc is a sales and marketing company. Its portfolio offers a wide selection of products and services in several different markets in 18 countries across Europe, the United States and Asia.

The company operates through its DCC Technology, DCC Healthcare, DCC LPG as well as DCC Retail & Oil divisions.

DCC Technology is a sales and supply chain company that serves global technology brands. It trades as Exertis and offers technology products to retailers, integrators and resellers.

DCC Healthcare offers healthcare products and services to beauty and health brand businesses. DCC LPG is a retailer of natural gas and electricity across the United States, Europe and Asia.

DCC Retail & Oil specializes in sales, marketing and retailing of commercial fuels, transport, heating oils and several other connected services and products in 8 countries across Europe.

DCC plc is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index. The company employs more than 12 700 people and is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.


  • The DCC plc (Development Capital Corporation Limited) is founded in 1976 by Jim Flavin. The company focuses on providing venture capital. By the 1980’s it enters the industrial markets and is renamed DCC.

  • In 1994 it is listed on the London Stock Exchange and the Irish Stock Exchange.

  • In 2011 DCC buys Maxol Direct and renames it Emo. A year later Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) in Britain, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden are purchased for a price of € 100 million.

  • In 2014 the company buys the Esso Express petrol station network as well as the Esso Motorway concessions in France from ExxonMobil.

  • In 2015 DCC is listed on the FTSE 100 Index, making it one of the top 100 companies trading on the London Stock Exchange by market capitalisation. The company sells its Food & Beverage subsidiaries and buys a French LPG business, Butagaz S.A.S., from Shell for a price of € 464 million. The company is now the 3rd largest European LPG company.

  • In 2016 DCC adds 139 petrol stations and 66 dealers’ supply contracts to its portfolio with the purchase of a commercial and aviation fuels business from Alimentation Couche Tard in Denmark for € 40 million.

  • More businesses are acquired during these years and the company grows its portfolio and expands to other countries.


  • DCC plc values the health and safety of its employees, contractors, communities and environment.

  • It aims to provide its customers with high quality products and services and creates high earnings for its shareholders. DCC acts responsibly and treats people with dignity and respect.

  • The company supports local communities, charities and other initiatives by contributing financially and through fundraisers.

  • It tackles climate change and follows programs to minimize its environmental footprint. DCC records energy data to help reduce emissions and energy usage.


  • DCC plc trades on the Financial Times Stock Exchange under the FTSE stock symbol “DCC”.

  • Data analysis for the company’s financial results for the year ending 31 March 2019 reports a revenue of £ 3,631 million. Operating profit is £ 64.7 million, a growth of 20.1 percent.

  • Operating margin is 1.8 percent. Operating profit from continuing operations is £ 460.5 million. Operating cash flow is £ 607.5 million.

  • Free cash flow is £ 434.0 million. Finance costs are £ 45.9 million. Adjusted EPS is 358.2 pence. Dividends are 138.35 pence per share, a growth of 12,5 percent for the full year.

  • The company has paid increasing dividends for 25 consecutive years.

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