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Daejan Holdings plc


Buy Daejan Holdings plc shares



Daejan Holdings plc is a UK-based property business with a history dating back to 1935, when the company was first established as Daejan Samoedra Estates Ltd in order to purchase rubber and coffee plantations in the Dutch East Indies.

The company acquired its current name following the independence of Indonesia in 1959, with property becoming its sole concern.

The company focuses on residential and commercial investment properties in the UK and the US, and today is headquartered in London. 


  • Daejan Holdings plc operates a high-value asset portfolio consisting of exclusive commercial and residential properties in the US and UK.

  • The company’s strategy has three principle objectives, namely to manage its portfolio in such a way as to maximize net rental income and thereby enhance capital values; to identify and complete value enhancing development opportunities within its portfolio; and to identify and complete new property acquisitions which have the potential, through development or otherwise, for long term enhancement to net asset value.

  • The Group carries out this strategy with a patient approach to long-term growth, recognizing that property is a long-term business which does not always fit conveniently into the annual reporting cycle.

  • Development opportunities can take many years from first idea to first letting and will often involve substantial investment over a period of years before any gain is achieved. To this end, the Group carefully monitors its exposure to ensure that the impact on its resources remains manageable.

  • The Group’s main activities in the UK and on the eastern seaboard of the USA are carried out by its subsidiary companies.

  • The Group generally holds its properties for the long term in order to generate rental income and capital appreciation although in the right circumstances any property could be available for sale. The Group operates a substantially outsourced business model.

  • Day-to-day management of the Group’s properties in the UK is carried out by Highdorn Co. Limited and Freshwater Property Management Limited.

  • These companies also provide the staff that carries out all of the UK functions of the Group.


  • Daejan Holdings plc recognizes the important of creating minimal environmental impact in the assets it develops.

  • To this end, when undertaking new developments or major schemes of refurbishment it strives to achieve the highest environmental and sustainability standards consistent with the nature of the building and the scheme being undertaken.

  • For example, the conversion of Prestamex House, a redundant office block, into a residential building containing 63 flats, not only reused an existing structure and the energy embedded therein but also contained measures to minimize water consumption, low energy lighting and intelligent lighting control together with secure covered cycle parking and a travel plan to reduce reliance on car journeys.


  • Daejan Holdings plc currently trades on the Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE), where investors can purchase shares under the stock symbol DJAN.

  • Data from the Group’s 2019 financial analysis shows a year of progress which, despite challenging market conditions, saw shareholders’ funds increase by 7.0% to £ 1 940 million. Its USA portfolio produced valuation gains of 5.1%, reflecting strong markets in Florida and Boston.

  • Overall gross rental income has by 8.5% to £ 142.4 million.

    The continued growth in its rental income allowed the Group propose an increase in total dividends of 3p to 106p.

  • The Group has reported a stable performance despite uncertainty in the UK and US markets, resulting in a solid buy-in with a strong share price and flourishing returns for investors who choose to buy shares.

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Louis Schoeman

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