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? Civeo Corporation is an American public company that supplies accommodation services for workers in the natural resource industry. The company is a spin-off of Oil States International.

Civeo Corporation provides accommodation services to oil and gas company employees in the U.S., Australia and Canada. It owns and operates seventeen lodges and villages with approximately 21 000 rooms.

Civeo Corporation’s portfolio of services offer: Modular Facilities, Rentals, Sales & Services (Canada); Catering and Food Services; EDI Meal Ordering System; Wellsite Rentals (USA); Offshore Structures (USA); Facility Management; Water & Waste Water Management; Laundry Services (Canada) as well as Ancillary Services.

The company specializes in accommodation solutions that span the duration of their clients’ projects. During the initial site exploration phase, mobile accommodation is provided. As headcounts on site increase and project construction gets underway, Civeo Corporation tailors its facility size and type to accommodate the needs of the field workers for the periods required.

The company’s history dates back to 2013 when it was founded. It is headquartered in Houston, Texas and today Civeo Corporation has approximately 4 000 employees. Its subsidiaries include Action Industrial Catering Pty Ltd, Noralta Lodge Ltd, Mac Services Group, PTI Group, Inc., Civeo Premium Camp Services Ltd. and Civeo Canadian Holdings ULC.


  • Civeo Corporation’s spin-off from Oil States International has created a new incarnation of an existing company, becoming one of the biggest and most experienced international accommodation providers. It starts trading on the New York Stock Exchange in June 2014 with an IPO of US Dollar 23.23.
  • In May 2014, Oil States International shareholders receive two Civeo common stock shares for each Oil States International common stock held by them.
  • In April 2018 the company announces the closing of its acquisition of 100% of the equity interests of Noralta Lodge Ltd. This purchase strengthens the company’s position as partner of choice for its Canadian oil sands region customers. In July 2019 the company announces the purchase of Action Industrial Catering (“Action”) – a company that provides catering and managing services to Western Australia’s remote mining industry.
  • Through this acquisition Civeo Australia’s service offering and geographic footprint in this area is significantly enhanced.


  • Civeo Corporation specializes in helping people maintain productive, healthy and connected lives, while working and living away from their families. The company focuses on the wellbeing of guests, operating efficiency, property development and community building.
  • Civeo Corporation believes its responsibility is to provide a comfortable and safe environment to live in while minimizing its environmental footprint. The company is also committed to working with locally-and Indigenous-owned businesses in order to assist in introducing opportunities for the fostering of new business partnerships.


  • Civeo Corporation trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the NYSE stock symbol “CVEO”.
  • In the second quarter of 2019 the company reports revenues of US Dollar 122.2 million and a net loss of US Dollar 15.3 million, or US Dollar 0.09 per share. The net loss includes asset impairments in Australia which total US Dollar 5.5 million, or US Dollar 0.03 per share.
  • The company reports operating cash flow of US Dollar 3.6 million and adjusted EBITDA of US Dollar 26.5 million. Overall the second quarter of 2019 outperforms the same period in 2018.

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