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Centamin plc


Buy Centamin plc shares



? Centamin plc specializes in the exploration, mining and development of minerals.

? The company’s asset portfolio includes the Sukari Gold Mine in Egypt, which delivers approximately 500 000 ounces of gold per annum and generates more than US Dollar 63.4 million.

? The company also operates the Doropo Project in Côte d’Ivoire, the Archean-Birimian Contact and others. The company has a strong cash flow which enable it to purchase and operate gold projects across the globe.

? Centamin plc is a FTSE 250 Index constituent.

? The company has approximately 1 500 employees and is headquartered in Mount Pleasant, Western Australia. It also has offices located in Alexandria in Egypt and Mount Pleasant in Western Australia. 


  • The company is founded in 1970 and lists on the Australian Stock Exchange.

  • It buys Pharaoh Gold Mines in 1999 and adds the exploration of gold in Egypt to its portfolio. The operations become known as Centamin Egypt.

  • In 2005 the company is granted an exploitation lease for a 160 square kilometer area in the Egyptian desert over the Sukari Gold Project.

  • In 2007 it lists on the Toronto Stock Exchange in order to raise funds for the production and two years later the first gold is developed.

  • In 2009 the company starts trading on the London Stock Exchange. In 2010 it ends its trade on the Australian Stock Exchange.

  • It is renamed Centamin plc in 2011.

  • During the next few years the company achieves impressive growth and expands its portfolio to other locations across the globe.


  • Centamin plc values its shareholders, customers, employees, environment and surrounding communities.

  • Employees are handled with respect and a safe and healthy work environment is provided. To uphold the health and safety standards, employees are provided with the necessary training.

  • The company pursues value for its shareholders and customer are offered high quality products and services. Centamin acts with integrity and ethical values.

  • The company operates sustainably and responsibly. High standards are maintained, especially with its sustainability performance.

  • All legal requirement are followed. The company supports the communities from which it operates and contributes to projects that improve education, health and overall living standards.

  • Centamin encourages the protection of the environment and educate its employees and surrounding communities in how to minimize environmental footprints.

  • The company implements environmental management practices to minimize its operations’ risks and impacts.


  • Centamin plc trades on the Financial Times Stock Exchange under the FTSE stock symbol “CEY”.

  • Data analysis for the company’s annual report for 2018 shows a revenue of US Dollar 603 million.

  • EBITDA is US Dollar 258 million. Profit after tax is US Dollar 153 million. Cash and liquid assets are US Dollar 153 million. Total dividends for the reported period are US Dollar 63.5 million.

  • Potential investors can buy affordably prices shares now.

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