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Carlisle Companies Incorporated


Buy Carlisle Companies Incorporated stocks



Carlisle Companies Incorporated is a manufacturer of highly engineered products and solutions. The company portfolio offers products to transportation, commercial roofing, construction, energy, aerospace and defense, specialty polyurethane, mining, medical, industrial, architectural metal, protective coating, automotive refinishing and agriculture markets.

Carlisle operates through several segments which includes Carlisle Interconnect Technologies (manufactures high-performance contacts, connecter, cables and wires), Carlisle Construction Materials (manufactures rubber, roofing systems and polyvinyl chloride), Carlisle Brake & Friction (offers highway braking systems for aircraft and industrial applications) and Carlisle Fluid Technologies (manufactures engineered liquid, system components and powder finishing equipment).

Carlisle Companies Incorporated is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. It employs approximately 13 000 people in its offices and facilities.


  • The Carlisle Tire and Rubber Company is founded in 1917 by Charles S. Mooney.
  • In 1930 Carlisle Companies is founded by George Ohrstrom Sr. In 1943 Pharis Tire and Rubber Company purchases Carlisle Tire and Rubber Company for a price of US Dollar 330,000 to gain additional production capacity to cope with wartime orders. In 1954 George Ohrstrom merges with Memphis’ Rotary Lift Company and creates Carlisle Corporation.
  • In June 1960 Carlisle has its initial public offering. It now trades on the New York stock Exchange. The company turns its focus on the purchasing of highly specialized industrial products.
  • By 1972 Carlisle’s net sales exceeds R100 million and the company expands to Europe. The company’s new Sure-Seal rubber roofing products increases in popularity and the company’s stock price increases from US Dollar 29 to US Dollar 86 in 1980. During these years Carlisle opens its International Sales Office in Belgium and expands to Holland, China, Japan and Brazil.
  • In the 1990’s Carlisle Companies Incorporated buys more than 30 businesses.
  • In 2001 Carlisle has paid increased dividends to its shareholders for the 25th consecutive year. It buys Finishing Brands Holdings Inc. in 2015 for a price of US Dollar 590 million in cash. It renames the business to Carlisle Fluid Technologies.


  • Corporate Social Responsibility is a big part of Carlisle Companies Incorporated’s culture. The company’s customers, employees, shareholders, environment and communities are at the heart of every decision the company makes. Carlisle is socially, environmentally and economically responsible.
  • The company is committed to minimizing its environmental footprint by managing its operations. It protects the environment and reduces waste, greenhouse gas emissions as well as its water and energy usage.
  • Through Headstrong, sponsored by Carlisle and Weill Cornell Medical College, programs are offered cost-free to assist veterans with PTSD, addiction, anxiety, grief and loss as well as depression.


  • Carlisle Companies Incorporated trades on the New York stock Exchange under the NYSE stock symbol “CSL”.
  • Data analysis for the company’s quarterly period ending June 30, 2019 reports revenues of US Dollar 1,314.8 million. Operating income is US Dollar 207.2 million and net income is US Dollar 152.9 million. Total assets are US Dollar 5,396.7 million. Dividends paid in the six months ending June 30, 2019 are US Dollar 46.2 million.
  • Cash and cash equivalents at end of period are US Dollar 422.0 million.

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