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Best Green Energy Companies in Nigeria

Best Green Energy Companies in Nigeria review


The best green energy companies in Nigeria, as foreign firms working in renewable energy, have entered the market, which should result in greater electric connectivity and less environmental damage. Here, we explore the best green energy companies in Nigeria.


Best Green Energy Companies in Nigeria Revealed (2022):

  1. ☑️ Solarwox Renewable Energy Ltd



As of the year 2018, Nigeria had the largest population of any African country at 195.9 million people. It goes without saying that the need for power in a country with that many people would be enormous.


Solarwox Renewable Energy Ltd

Solarwox Renewable Energy review


Solarwox Renewable Energy Ltd. was founded by former executives in charge of renewable energy at large worldwide energy and technology companies, such as Tesla USA and SolarCity USA.

The company asserts that it is exhibiting its dedication to excellence in its dealings with the people and government of Nigeria by demonstrating its comprehensive expertise of solar renewable energy and technology.

They claim that they want to make a name for themselves in the market by offering solar project design, building, installation, and maintenance services that are of the highest possible quality.



Bboxx review


BBOXX is a British firm that designs, manufactures, distributes, and finances decentralized energy solutions. They operate in the renewable energy sector. It conducts business in a number of nations in Africa, including Nigeria and Kenya, among others.

Off-grid populations in underdeveloped countries can benefit from BBOXX’s innovative, low-cost, and environmentally friendly energy solutions.

BBOX is a vertically integrated company, and one of the areas they focus on is providing technology. In addition, they run a business that provides services related to distributed energy.

BBOXX maintains a dogged commitment to the advancement of new ideas throughout the company. Their cutting-edge, next-generation hardware and software are created and built with a short path to the market.

Additionally, their engineering and quality control teams receive direct feedback from the operations side of the business.


Wavetra Energy

Wavetra Energy review


In Nigeria, Wavetra Energy is one of the most successful renewable energy companies on the market. The installation of solar power systems is one of the company’s specialties. Its Wavetra Energy Academy is currently ranked as the top solar training institute in all of Nigeria.

The company has formed strategic alliances with governmental entities at the provincial levels, as well as with private agencies and businesses, in order to deliver training programs for the development of employable skills and to empower young people.

Throughout all of its operations, the company maintains a high level of environmental consciousness, and it has implemented an Environmental Management System in compliance with the requirements of the International Standard ISO 14001.

In 2018, the Most Efficient Renewable Energy Brand Award in Nigeria was bestowed upon Wavetra Energy.


Ecozar Technologies

Ecozar Technologies review


Since its founding more than a decade ago, Ecozar Technologies has become one of the most successful solar energy companies in Nigeria. The firm has installed solar power systems and inverters in residential and commercial properties all over the country.

The company specializes in the design, installation, and maintenance of solar energy systems of the highest quality, as well as inverter battery backup solutions. It provides dependable power solutions that are economically sustainable and can be adapted to meet the particular demands and requirements of each individual customer.

The company is made up of devoted renewable energy professionals and engineers who make certain that the power needs of our customers are well met and at the most affordable rate possible. In addition, they provide support for the infrastructure whenever it is required, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Unitronix Global

Unitronix Global review


Unitronix Global is another one of the most successful renewable energy firms in Nigeria. It is a company that provides indigenous renewable energy technology and alternative power solutions.

The firm was founded with the intention of enhancing its customers’ quality of life by providing a variety of goods and services that are notable for their exceptional quality and that are tailored to satisfy the requirements of each and every one of the company’s highly appreciated clients.

Unitronix Global Co. Limited operates in conjunction with World Class Solar Energy, a company that possesses the technical expertise, as well as the ability to make a large number of contemporary solar components.

Because of their unwavering commitment to the principle that all of their products should provide the highest possible level of customer satisfaction, the company has shifted its emphasis to the creation of products that make use of the most advanced technology and components that are gentler on the environment.

This is done in order to satisfy the ever-increasing requirements of Nigeria’s performance-aware clients and the general public.


Greenpower Overseas Ltd

Greenpower Overseas review


GreenPower Overseas Ltd is an engineering project company with a focus on renewable energy, Power Electronic, HVAC, and Electrical services delivering bespoke solutions across various sectors of Nigeria and the West Africa Sub-Region.

These sectors include telecommunications, hospitality, transportation, real estate, agriculture, oil and gas, health care, and government infrastructure.

The organization is led by a committed group of management staff, engineers, and other specialists who are dedicated to the investigation and development of renewable energy sources. They place a strong emphasis on providing excellent service and satisfaction to their customers.

The scope of the company’s engineering services includes design, procurement, installation, operation, maintenance, and consultation across the board.

In order to find a workable solution to power and energy issues in Nigeria, GreenPower GP collaborates with leading firms from around the world that specialize in the generation of electricity and the use of renewable energy sources.

Among their many offerings are power PV solutions, power system solutions, MEP contractor services, and power protection systems.


Astrum Energy

Astrum Energy review


Astrum Energy is one of the largest businesses in Nigeria that focuses on renewable energy. It is one of the most significant solar energy service providers in the nation.

The company is considered to be one of the pioneers in the development of solar energy not only in Nigeria but also in other countries.

Astrum Energy has been in business for over 20 years, and they take great pleasure in their ability to produce customized renewable energy projects while maintaining an unmatched level of customer service as the foundation of their company.

The company provides a comprehensive selection of solar photovoltaic (PV) power systems to meet the requirements of any household or commercial establishment.

Astrum Energy provides designs, installation, testing, and commissioning services of very high-quality renewable and sustainable energy efficient technologies for homes, businesses, and rural off-grid energy users. These services are offered for renewable and sustainable energy technologies that are very high quality.

The renewable energy company collaborates with major market participants and government agencies, when practicable, in order to supply alternative power sources and encourage environmentally beneficial behavior.


Power Tech Solar Energy Ltd

Power Tech Solar Energy review


Power tech solar energy is a major renewable energy firm in Nigeria that strives to surpass other companies in its sector by providing power products of the highest quality for use in households, commercial establishments, and industrial settings.

The company specializes in power backup, the large-scale acquisition of equipment and machines, power storage supply and installation, as well as alternative energy solutions such as solar, wind, and thermal.

Powertech Solar was established in 2010, and its services include the provision of off-grid and on-grid solar solutions, smart grid power stations, wind power systems, and portable hybrid roof top systems.


Infinite Solar Solutions Ltd

Infinite Solar Solutions review


Infinite Solar Solutions Nigeria Limited is a solar energy firm in Nigeria that has won multiple awards for its work. They are experts in the wholesale and retail distribution of solar products as well as their imports.

They are installers of solar street lights, hybrid and stand-alone inverters, solar lights, solar refrigerators, solar panels, and LEDs (lamps). Additionally, Infinite Solar Solutions is well-known for providing excellent customer service and delivering their items promptly.


Leks Environmental Ltd

LEK Enviromental consulting review


In August of 2011, Leks Environmental Limited was founded, and it has since earned a strong reputation in the fields of environmental protection, public health, and scientific research for the safety and effectiveness of its solutions.

An integrated provider of renewable energy in Nigeria, Leks Environmental Limited deals in alternative forms of energy and is also involved in the building of infrastructures related to environmental protection and energy production.

The company offers solutions that improve performance in a variety of domains, including health and safety products, medical emergency transportation and equipment, environmental instruments, waste transportation, waste recycling equipment, and more.


Solar Force Nigeria PLC

Solar Force Nigeria review


Solar Force Energy was founded in 2007 and has since grown to become one of the most well-known renewable energy companies in Nigeria. The company is committed to the use of renewable energy sources and focuses on making solar technology accessible to the general population of Nigeria.

This is an important step in facilitating the conversion to the use of solar energy around the country.

Solar Force Nigeria (SFN) is a subsidiary of Solar Force Corporation in the United States of America. Some of the goods that Solar Force Nigeria offers include micro and mini grids, home systems, solar streetlights, solar boreholes, and commercial systems, among others.



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