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Best Forex Groups on Telegram

For investors who are interested in trading currencies online but do not have adequate knowledge, or time – Forex Signals could be a viable solution.  In choosing a top-rated forex signal Telegram group, traders will be told which positions to place based on the provider’s own in-depth research.





Here is an overview of the 5 Best Forex Signals Telegram Groups on Telegram.



  • Overall Best Telegram Forex Signals in 2021 according to users.


Learn2Trade has been a supplier of signals to the global forex arena for many years and its Telegram group is home to over 25k subscribers worldwide.  Learn2Trade has a team of highly experienced Forex traders who work in-house in order to perform technical analysis around the clock and the team also provides risk-management orders.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Pro Trading News High Costs Involved
Trade Alerts  
Technical Analysis  


The Learn2Trade website offers users an overabundance of free educational tools, in-depth guides, courses and forex trading strategies.


  • VIP and Free Telegram Forex Signals


PipChasers has more than 7+ years in the forex signal industry and the group has a well-established reputation.  The PipChasers platform specializes in major and minor forex trading markets but will from time to time send out signals related to precious metals such as gold and silver.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
7+ years of experience High Costs involved
Specializes in Major and Minor Forex trading markets  


For Investors who wish to join the free Telegram forex signals group, there is no requirement to create an paid account or deposit any funds. However, some signals will be restricted.


FXStreet Signals


  • Daily Forex Telegram Signals Alongside Educational Resources


FXStreet is another popular Forex Telegram Signals platform which offers a significant volume of free educational resources which covers currency trading via entry-level trading guides, webinars, strategy suggestions, and live economic news.  The FXStreet platform makes three VIP plans available, with different monthly durations.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Free educational resources Updates may not be timely
Three VIP Plans available  


All three VIP plans will give users access to several forex signals with a dynamic take-profit and stop-loss suggestion – daily.




  • Telegram Forex Signals Group With 56,000+ Members


AltSignals is a signal service provider which specializes in two key asset classes, namely crypto signals and forex signals. The two services are offered as separate packages, with different costs per month.  Forex signals are sent via the AltSignals Telegram group – which, to date, boasts over 56,000+ members.


Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Verified results from third-party websites Not fully automated
Suitable for Beginners Expensive


All forex signals sent out by AltSignals will come with take-profit and stop-loss order prices, plus in-depth market research.


FX Premium

  • Combine Forex and Commodity Signals via a Single Plan


FX Premium is a popular signal service provider which specializes in a combination of the global forex markets and commodities. In fact, FX Premium is one of the few signal providers who offers this combination via a single plan.  This allows investors to make a move on currency such as EUR/GBP or even Gold and Brent crude oil.


Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Offers a combination plan Expensive plan options
Signals suitable to all time zones  


FX Premium has a global basis and its signals are suitable for all time zones.


How To Choose The Best Forex Signals Telegram Group

Trying to find a trusted forex signal provider that consistently outperforms the market may be a tough task.  Investors should consider key aspects before making a final choice.  Here is an overview of important factors to keep in mind.


Reputation and Reviews

The first and most important question to ask is if the provider is credible.  Any signal service can make bold claims but this does not mean they are legitimate.  A good starting point is to do due diligence and find out what the general consensus is in the online forex community.


Win Rate

The next step is to assess the providers historical win rate, which will in general be displayed on its website.


Free Trial

Test the Telegram forex signal service out. The most effective way to do this is to sign up for a free trial, if offered. Alternatively, a 30-day moneyback guarantee policy may also be a useful choice.  These options will allow investors to enter the forex signals into a free demo trading account which mirrors live market conditions. After some time, investors will be able to assess whether or not the forex signals work for them.



Investors should always assess how much the forex Telegram signals group will cost them. In most cases, users will be required to pay a monthly subscription fee. Users should keep in mind that a cheaper option may mean low quality forex signals, whereas a higher monthly fee will not guarantee success.

Number of Signals and Time zone

When searching for a Telegram forex signal group it is also worth checking on how many suggestions will be sent daily. This information will usually be displayed on the provider’s website. More importantly – investors should ascertain what time zone the signal provider works on.


In Conclusion

For investors who are looking to make a success of currency trading, but do not have the needed skill set for technical analysis throughout the day – Forex Signals Telegram Groups may offer a viable solution. As a chosen provider will research the market on a traders behalf and tell them which orders to place once a trading opportunity has been identified, keeping the important factors mentioned above in mind when making a final choice, is key!



What Are The Best Telegram Forex Signals?

Each Forex Trading Signal Channel listed here offers reputable track records and a wide selection of unique offerings.  However, choosing one which is best suited will be dependent on the Forex Trader, or client themselves.

How Do Telegram Forex Signals Work?

Clients will receive forex trading signals in real-time via the Telegram app. The signal will inform said investors which orders to place with their chosen Forex broker.


How Much Do Telegram Forex Signals Cost?

Each Telegram forex signals provider listed above will have its own pricing policy. In most cases, clients will pay a fee per month until they decide to cancel their chosen plan.


Can Forex Traders Get Rich Off of Forex Signals?

Any group which claims that their clients will be able to get rich from forex signals are unethical and thus –should be avoided.


Where Can Free Telegram Forex Signals be found?

Many providers will claim to offer free Telegram forex signals. However, in most cases, users will need to pay a fee in order to reveal key information.


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