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10 Best Bitcoin Trading Apps



Bitcoin trading has become immensely popular from currency speculation in recent years, with the price of Bitcoin skyrocketing between 2020 and 2021.



This new trading frontier has also led to a proliferation of software designed to support the variety of strategies and trading goals required for successful cryptocurrency speculation.



Bitcoin trading apps are particularly powerful as they allow users to trade remotely with the same tools and features as provided on the desktop versions. In this article, we explore the 10 best Bitcoin trading apps which will allow you to make the most of your crypto trading in 2021.



Accointing.com is preferred by high-frequency traders for its wide-spread software support, including more than 300 exchanges and blockchains and over 7500 tokens which can be tracked using the app.

These features make the app an excellent portfolio tracker, with specific features inbuilt for this purpose, including a portfolio overview function, synched wallets, deep market analysis features, and a sentiment index alert function.



Crypto traders enjoy Wirex for its numerous rewards, which include a crypto debit card and Bitcoin cash back through Cryptoback™ Rewards. Using this system, traders can order debit cards for free, which can be widely used as both Mastercard and Visa are supported.

Wirex allows traders to access 18 cryptocurrencies which can also be traded against fiat currencies. These can be traded at over-the-counter prices and interbank rates, with no additional charges on fiat-to-fiat exchanges.



The Delta app is largely considered to be the best Bitcoin tracker, as it is powered to track more than 7000 altcoins and is free to use. The app is fully customizable and allows users to watch the prices and market fluctuations of their selected coins, allowing for a more streamlined trading experience.

Added to this, users of Delta can connect crypto wallets and exchanges, alongside personalised notifications, market overviews, watchlists, in-depth trading analysis, multiple portfolios, and several devices that can be synced.



Crypto.com is a feature-rich trading app that has a multitude of other functions apart from those required for straight trading. The app was designed largely with the goal of speeding up the global transition to cryptocurrency and was built with this functionality in mind.

To this end, other functions on the app include Crypto Pay, Crypto Earn, Crypto Credit and the Crypto.com Exchange and DeFi Wallet.

The app is also popular for its attractive sign-up bonus, while the Crypto.com Visa Card allows users to spend their crypto coins at Visa supported outlets with 8% back on these transactions.

The app has customer support available 24/7, which allows for the speedy resolution of almost any technical query.



BlockFi is well-regarded for its accessible and user-friendly interface, making it a popular choice with beginner and experienced Bitcoin traders alike.

Users can take advantage of institutional-grade financial products and features at competitive rates, and the applications are designed to be simple while still providing an enhanced trading environment so that users can get the most out of their crypto assets.

BlockFi makes use of deep liquidity as an independent lender, with access to such top-tier liquidity providers as SoFi and Fidelity.

Furthermore, BlockFi ensures traders are provided with a secure and regulated environment by strictly adhering to U.S. law and financial regulations. That said, the app is an independent entity which allows users a high amount of trading freedom while also enjoying safety in their assets.

The app provides users with access to a diversified asset portfolio which is backed by a high amount of collateral so that funds are always accessible.


Crypto Pro

Traders seeking a certain level of security will prefer the Crypto Pro app, which provides excellent privacy levels as it does not track user activity.

This means that certain types of trading information, such as portfolio size, viewing history and favourited coins, are not logged by the app. Furthermore, data is encrypted and stored locally on each device with the option to securely sync and backup via iCloud across every Apple device.

The customizable software allows users to create their own widgets, with broad-ranging access to cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies and metal across all the major exchanges.

Crypto Pro can be downloaded for free across Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, all of which support the various inbuilt features including line and candlestick charts, live price alerts and advanced notifications, exchange APIs, wallet imports and tracking, and iCloud with sync.



The Voyager Bitcoin trading app is an excellent choice for intermediate traders and works particularly well with iPhone.

Intermediate traders will enjoy the ability to access a wider variety of trading options beyond Bitcoin and Litecoin, while still being able to trade these two crypto giants with ease in a competitive and affordable environment.

The Voyager app can be downloaded for free and comes with a $25 Bitcoin sign-up bonus. The app has comprehensive functionality across various features, allowing users to view charts, enjoy exchange capabilities, access a market newsfeed and benefit from a secure wallet.

In terms of its security, Voyager is known for its comprehensive data security, while also allowing for unique charting tools, commission-free exchanges, and access to more coins than most beginning exchange apps.

Overall, Voyager will allow for a user-friendly interface complemented by wide asset access and several standout trading features that make it an extremely competitive option.



Coinbase is a broadly recommended Bitcoin trading app for absolute cryptocurrency beginners, offering a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to learn the various aspects of Bitcoin trading in an applicable but secure way.

Coinbase offers an education section that rewards users with free cryptocurrencies as they progress through the various learning stages, which is an innovative if not profitable way to learn about Bitcoin trading.

Coinbase is free to download and supports both debit and credit cards for the purchasing of a variety of cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase is currently only available in 32 countries but its developers have announced plans to expand its reach, bringing its feature-rich trading environment to even more newbie Bitcoin traders.



Gemini is much lauded for its simplicity, while also offering a wealth of analytical features that are easy to access and understand on its highly navigable software interface.

Gemini allows users to keep updated on relevant market trends, expand their cryptocurrency portfolio, and easily execute their trading strategy with a variety of tools, complemented by industry-leading crypto exchange and wallet.

This customizable app affords users the ability to set their own price alerts for individual asset tracking of both individual instruments and real-time market prices. Traders can go long on the crypto markets by scheduling recurring buys on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Lastly, Gemini is known for its excellent cyber security, which is always a vital component of Bitcoin trading.



eToro is a renowned currency trading brokerage which is popular the world over with both Forex and pure cryptocurrency traders. eToro has built its reputation on innovative and advanced proprietary software that has served to redefined much of how trading has come to be executed.

The eToro software stands out in the social trading arena with its dynamic and advanced EAs complemented by multiple charting capabilities and tools, which comprise of over 30 indicators.

As such, users can connect, share strategies, and discuss market developments within the trading community of eToro users.

When opening an eToro account, traders are immediately granted $100 000 in practice coins to test the platform’s features before embarking on true Bitcoin speculation. This is a worthwhile educational feature for traders new to the eToro interface.

Finally, eToro provides the advantage of unlimited withdrawal amounts and a streamlined deposit feature, so that you can start trading quickly while being able to easily access your growing profits.




What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin was first created in 2009. It is a digital currency that operates using a blockchain, which is essentially a store for a series of digital transactions powered by multiple computers.

Being a virtual currency, Bitcoin is not run by banks of governments, nor can its value be affected by changes to a country’s monetary policy. This makes Bitcoin an independent currency which has become immensely popular in recent years.


How does one trade Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is traded in a similar fashion to fiat currencies on the Forex market, in that participants speculate on the relative movements in the cryptocurrency’s price.

Traders typically conduct this speculative trading through an exchange, although derivative trading on Bitcoin has become increasingly common in recent years. As such, CFD trading in particular allows traders to take greater advantage of Bitcoin’s volatility.


Is Bitcoin a popular trading option today?

Bitcoin has become one of the most popular and potentially profitable trading assets in the markets today. This can simply be evidenced by the coin’s meteoric price rise in recent months.

Traders particularly seek to take advantage of Bitcoin’s inherent volatility, which is a particularly important aspect of currency speculation. The value of Bitcoin varies rapidly in relation to other currencies, making it a dynamic and exciting asset.


What do you need to start trading Bitcoin?

There are several important steps to start trading Bitcoin successfully and being well-prepared can set you up for greater success in the long run.

For starters, you will want to learn about the factors which move Bitcoin’s price. This will allow you to anticipate price changes correctly in response to relevant market developments.

Next, you will want to select the best Bitcoin trading style and strategy that works for you and your goals. Having the right trading strategy is vital to any trader’s success and takes a certain amount of time to develop and perfect.

Armed with the right trading strategy, you will then want to decide in which manner you would prefer to trade Bitcoin, whether by CFDs, or directly through an exchange. Either way, you will want to be sure to select the best trading broker or app for your needs.

Finally, be sure to set your stops and limits to ensure that you do not become overly exposed or fall prey to the dangers of overtrading.


How do I select the best Bitcoin trading broker or app?

It is important to conduct enough research to gain a full understanding of all the available options when selecting a Bitcoin broker or app. As such, there is a wealth of options on the market today, so that setting certain criteria will help you to significantly narrow your search.

Firstly, it is vital that your chosen broker is well-regulated with a reputable organization to guarantee the best client protection measures.

If you choose to use an unregulated app, be sure that it comes with enhanced data encryption and security protocols to protect you against cyber-attacks.

Next, you should find a broker or app that provides the most competitive trading conditions for your goals, and your investment style. Prices should be as low as possible, with as much direct market access as you require.

Finally, the software provided should include all the relevant features necessary for you to execute trades quickly and effectively in the fast-paced currency speculation environment.

Slow or limited software may cause you to lose out on winning trades and incur more losses than profits over the long run.


What are the best Bitcoin trading apps?

You can check our comprehensive list of the 10 best Bitcoin Trading Apps directly from the Forex Suggest website.


Will I make guaranteed profits when trading Bitcoin?

As with all currency speculation, profits are never guaranteed. However, if you equip yourself with the necessary tools before embarking on your trading journey, you will be in a greater position to profit from the exciting trading opportunities which Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies provide.

See the above questions and answers to get a better understanding of all that this preparation entails for you to take your trading to the next level.


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