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Aramark Corporation ā€“ known as Aramark ā€“ is a U.S.-based global food service, facilities and uniform services provider to the education, health care, business, correction and leisure industries. The company was founded in 1959 as Automatic Retailers of America, and has its headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
It also operates in an addition 20 other countries, such as Germany, South Korea, Chile, Philippines, Ireland, the United Kingdom and Spain, to name but a few.

The company is a leading provider of uniform- and workplace supplies to approximately 300 000 clients from various industries worldwide. It is committed to delivering products that impact businesses positively. Its reliable service enables its business clientele to run their operations smoothly and consistently.

Aramarkā€™s wide variety of uniform- and supplies services include: quality uniforms for rent, lease or purchase; innovative cleaning solutions; laundry and delivery of rental uniforms and workplace supplies; restroom supplies designed to improve sanitation at facilities; and knowledgeable customer service representatives to tend to queries and challenges.

The company is recognized as one of the Worldā€™s Most Admired Companies by Fortune, and as an employer of choice by the Human Rights Campaign and Diversity Inc. Its management professionals have experience in the hospitality and catering industry, as well as in the hosting of large catered events. The company also has professionally trained chefs with experience in large-scale operations.

Today, Aramark employs over 200 000 people worldwide.

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  • Aramark prides itself on delivering experiences that enrich peopleā€™s lives through its innovative food-, facilities management-, and uniform services. Its employees are united by a passion to serve and contribute meaningfully to the lives of millions of people in all the countries it operates in.
  • Apart from its uniform services, the company also creates memorable food experiences, such as designing innovative menus based on consumer insights, encouraging healthier living with nutritious options, and enabling personalized experiences through excellent service.
  • The companyā€™s employees channel their passion for food into nourishing all the lives they touch. Aramarkā€™s passion for food is clearly illustrated by its Test Kitchen programme directed at sports and entertainment venues, with kitchens installed at the Las Vegas Convention Centre and the Quicken Loans Arena, home to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Aramark also offers comprehensive facility services, covering almost a billion square feet of space in multiple industries worldwide.
  • By aligning itself to the right people on the ground, and through the sharing of expertise, Aramark ensures its solutions make the biggest impact on the environments it operates in.


  • Aramark Corporation is dedicated to excellence, backed by decades of experience. The company is passionate about creating experiences that engage and inspire.
  • It not only dreams big, it makes dreams come true. This attitude defines the Aramark difference. The company believes in engaging with its people, both its employees and clients. The better it knows its people, the greater the experiences it can develop for them.
  • Aramark believes in service excellence. The latter drives all its operations and enables the company to turn insights into innovations that impact positively on the lives of its customers and the world in general.


  • Aramark Corporation trades on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol ā€œARMKā€. The company was listed as the 27th largest employer on the Fortune 500 in 2018.
  • The company displays sound performance on the market and registered revenue of US$14.604 billion in 2018.
  • This affords shareholders the confidence to buy and sell Aramark shares in the expectation of lucrative returns.

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    Buy ARAMARK stocks / shares ā€“ ? A Step by Step Guide how to Buy / PurchaseĀ ARAMARKĀ Stocks or Shares online.

    Before buying any stock or share one has to consider a few factors.


    Upon deciding you want to buy ARAMARK Stocks / Shares, it is critical for the serious investor to do proper research into the said company. Its values should align with those of the investorā€™s current portfolio. An investor needs to familiarise himself with the basics and history of the company, as well as its leadership and performance in the market. Its company reports should also be scrutinized.

    Consultation with a brokerage firm can also assist in determining whether investing in a specific company will complement the investorā€™s current portfolio. The investment ā€œrisk ladderā€, which identifies asset classes based on their relative riskiness, is another useful tool when determining which companyā€™s stock / share is the best to buy.


    It is important for an investor to monitor his total investment in stock in order to keep his portfolio aligned to his investment strategy. The overall value of his holdings will change with the fluctuation in stock prices, which can throw his portfolio off balance. To determine the amount to invest, multiply the number of shares of each stock by its current market price to determine the total investment in that specific stock. For example, if you own 100 shares of a $5 stock, multiply 100 by $5 to get $500.


    Investors can choose from a market order, a limit order, a stop order (also referred to as a stop-loss order) or a buy/sell stop order. It is important to familiarise yourself with each typeā€™s pros and cons before deciding which one will suit your current stock profile best. An investor should be guided in this choice by his investment objective.


    A brokerage account – also known as taxable investment account – is similar to a retirement account, but more flexible. Where a retirement account has limitations on the amount of money that can be contributed annually, and restrictions on when funds can be withdrawn, a brokerage account is more flexible. The latter has no income or contribution limit and the investor can withdraw his money at any given time. This flexibility, together with its potential investment gains, makes a brokerage account more attractive to serious investors. Brokerage accounts are ideal for goals or savings that are further than five years away, but closer than retirement. It can also supplement an investorā€™s emergency savings.


    Lastly, commit to the stock. Pro Tip: Monitor the value of your stock to ensure you have a growing stock value and dividend pay-out. Ā Regularly check the share price online to ensure your investment delivers a positive return on investment. You are now a proud owner of ARAMARK stocks / shares.

    5 Questions to ask yourself before purchasing any stocks or shares.

    1. Is it the best time to buy this stock / share?
    2. Should I buy ARAMARKĀ stocks / shares in the current economic climate?
    3. Can I afford to buy this stock / share?
    4. What is the forecast of the stock / share growth?
    5. What is the current price per earning ration on the stock / share?

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