ACY Securities Sign Up Bonus

ACY Securities - Sign Up Bonus



ACY Securities Sign up Bonus


The ACY Securities sign up bonus is offered to new traders.

Traders the chance to win a variety of prizes after first time sign up with a ‘Spin and Win’ initiative.

In the place of a welcome bonus or a deposit bonus, ACY Securities offers traders with a variety of prizes which can be won when they register a real account for the first time.


The prizes that traders stand a chance of winning include:

  • Cash prizes starting from $30 to $500 in the base currency of the trading account that the trader opens
  • Cellphones
  • 7-day Australian holiday worth USD $15,000
  • Motor vehicles such as the Porsche Macan 2019 or the Audi R8 2019, and more


In addition to having to register an account prior to having access to the initiative, traders are also limited to one spin per month, unless specified otherwise by ACY Securities.

This initiative serves as a lottery which has been issued by the NSW government and has been authorized for a certain amount. ACY Securities has also been issued with a specific permit in support of this lottery which is offered.


According to the ACY Securities website, every spin wins a prize and to participate, traders can follow these steps:

  1. Should the trader not already be in possession of an ACY Securities account, they can open one with an online application.
  2. Traders can click on ‘Spin’ after which they will be prompted to login to the ACY.Cloud.
  3. Traders can click Login or Sign-up and the account will be automatically connected to Finlogix.
  4. To qualify for the Spin and Win lottery, traders will have to make a deposit of $2000 into their trading account by making use of the ACY.Cloud client portal.
  5. As soon as the initial deposit has been made, the trader can locate and click on the wheel icon which can be found in the top-right menu in the ACY.Cloud. This will direct the trader to the draw page where they can spin the wheel and win a prize.


This lottery serves as a broker bonus and is only available to traders who have existing real accounts with ACY Securities along with traders who become eligible to enter this lottery after first time sign up as soon as they have deposited the required minimum deposit.

Traders should take note that this lottery is only accessible to the holders of real accounts and therefore demo accounts will not qualify to enter the lottery however moving over from a demo account to a real account will make the trader eligible to enter the lottery.


Additional bonuses, promotions and rewards


Apart from the Spin and Win lottery, ACY Securities does not offer any other bonuses to its customers such as a trading bonus, or a referral bonus.

Trading bonuses are offered by brokers to traders based on their trading activity while a referral bonus is determined by the process of referring another trader to sign up for a real account with the broker.

Brokers who offer this normally have strict terms, which, as soon as they have been met, makes the trader eligible for cash back or commission based on the initial deposit that the person they have referred makes into their trading account.

Through the provision of this lottery, ACY Securities not only encourages the opening of new real accounts, but it also serves its loyal customers who have existing accounts by offering them a chance to win a prize every single month.

When compared to other brokers who have little to no bonus schemes, particularly no deposit bonuses, such a lottery is one of the best ways in which ACY Securities not only draws in new traders but awards its loyal customers simultaneously.


Pros and Cons


1.      Lottery that serves as a multi-purpose bonus scheme 1.      $2000 initial deposit needed to qualify upon first time sign up
2.      Prizes are won with every spin




Although the terms of the Lottery may seem extremely strict, when considering the prizes that traders can win, it is understandable.

Although the initial deposit is quite high when traders would like to make use of this opportunity, it is quite fair when considering the quality of prizes and what these prizes are actually worth.

Even though this is the only bonus scheme that ACY Securities offers, it caters for new traders as well as loyal customers respectively and simultaneously.